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Yoco Web App: User Guide
Yoco Web App: User Guide
Updated over a week ago

We’ve recently released a new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the old Business Portal to manage your profile, get the original Portal User Guide here.

We created the Yoco Web App, to give you easy-to-understand business intelligence in a central place, that makes your life a little easier.

The Hub Tab

The Hub Tab is where you'll find the an overview of how your business is performing, your most visited areas of the Yoco Web App and important notifications about your business and your Yoco profile.

💡 This is the heartbeat of your business and the hub of everything you do. The hub tab provides you with direct access to newly designed reports including sales reports, insights and highlights about your business.

From here, you can either select any of your most visited tiles/widgets to visit those pages directly, or click on your reports tiles to see more details and insights.

Your Hub Reports

The Yoco Web App Reports in the Hub tab includes several new dynamic widgets and features, with a clean and intuitive new dashboard to help you to understand all the ins and outs of your business performance, and getting deeper insights with sophisticated analytics.

Find out more about using the Yoco Reports for your business insights here.

The Sales Tab

Your Sales tab is focused on all of the things you sell and all of the things your business has sold.

Here you'll find your Sales History, which allows you to view and engage with all the sales that you and your team have made (the things you’ve sold). Clicking on a sale to view its details in the Sales History allows you to refund a sale, send a receipt and add or edit a note attached to a specific sale.

The Sales tab also centralises all of the tools you use to make sales; Invoices, Payment Links, Payment Page, and the Payment Gateway section to help you integrate Yoco into your preferred online store.

Here you'll also be able to tap on the Make a sale widget to launch the Yoco POS App and complete a sale if need be. However, it’s important to remember that the Yoco Web App is built for running your business more than making sales. The Yoco POS App should be your primary tool for selling.

Your Sales History

To get a thorough overview of your sales history - and gain some amazing insights - visit the Sales tab and click on the Sales History widget. You'll be presented with a detailed table of your sales.

Your sales history allows you to view the following, based on date ranges that you will set:

  • Sales by payment method

  • Sales by products

  • Sales by staff

  • Sales by status

The sales history table provides information at a glance including time, payment method, status, notes and the amount of the sale.

Once you've opened a particular sale's details, you can also perform these actions:

  • Issue a refund

  • Make or edit a sales note

  • Send or re-send a receipt

Learn more about viewing and using your Yoco Sales History here.

Your Online Sales

You can select any of the Yoco Online Payment product widgets/tiles from your Sales tab to customise and use this suite of free payment tools for all Yoco customers.

Learn more about using them here:

The Money Tab

The Money tab provides a new and clear focus on the money you’ve earned, your current balance with Yoco and your payout history .

Your Yoco Payouts

The Payouts widget provides a list of your previous payouts, including Instant Payouts. Here, you can also download your payout reports.

Find out more about using your Payouts history here.

Yoco Capital

The Money tab also provides you with access to Yoco Capital where you can access financing to help your business grow.

Your Yoco Fees

The Money tab also provides a clear explainer of the Yoco Fees you pay by simply clicking on the Fees widget.

Access Instant Payouts

You can now request an Instant Payout from the Money tab in the Yoco Web App.

Find out more about Instant Payouts with Yoco here.

The Manage Tab

The Yoco Web App helps business owners manage their businesses better and the Manage tab is the place to begin.

This tab provides you direct access to operationally run your business. Here you're able to manage staff, customers, products and your card machines.

Managing Stock

If you've set up stock tracking features for your products catalogue, select the Stock widget to see your stock settings page.

Here, you'll find a list of all your products with stock tracking enabled, and you can also manage your stock alert communication preferences.

Select a product from the list, to see its stock details and enter or edit the stock tracking details: set a new stock count, add to the existing stock count or remove from the existing stock count. You can use this whenever you get new stock, have stock shrinkage or need to otherwise update your stock levels and low stock alerts.

Find out more about managing your stock with Yoco here.

Managing Products

You can view or edit your Yoco Products catalogue by selecting the Products widget, to see a list of all your products.

Here, you can add new products or edit/remove existing ones.

Find out more about managing Yoco Products here.

Managing Customers

View, edit and manage your Customers list from the Manage tab - for now, customers are only used with Yoco Invoices. But soon, we'll be releasing updates to make customers available with other Yoco payments products too.

Find out more about using Customers with Yoco Invoices here.

Managing Staff

Access your list of staff member profiles linked to your Yoco business profile, by selecting the Staff widget from your Manage tab.

Find out more about managing your Yoco staff profiles here.

Your Business profile

The Business Settings centralises the settings for your business, and can be found by selecting your business name or logo from the top of the Web App tabs menu.

Here you can:

  • Edit your business information including logo, social media accounts and trading information

  • Edit tip settings

  • Update card machine information

  • Edit receipt settings

  • Update payment methods

  • Update communication preferences

  • View referrals

  • View and download tax invoices from Yoco

  • View business fees

  • Get help

Your Personal profile

Your Personal Settings is all about you (not your business), and can be found by selecting your personal name or profile pic from the bottom of the Web App tabs menu.

Here you can:

  • Edit your mobile number and email address

  • Reset your password

  • Get help

  • View our Terms

  • Log out

Find out more about your Yoco profile settings - for both your personal and business profiles - here.

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