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Yoco Payment Links: User Guide
Yoco Payment Links: User Guide
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We’ve recently released the new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the old Business Portal to manage your profile, get the original Payment Links Article here.

Create a Payment Link

Send a payment link from the Yoco POS App

  1. Open your Yoco POS App.

  2. Select ‘Send’ from the navigation bar at the bottom.

  3. Select Payment Link.


4. Enter the customer’s name (this is for your personal records).

5. Enter the amount or select a product from your line items and click ‘Create link.’


6. Select Share via WhatsApp, Email, SMS, or Copy the link to paste it anywhere.

7. Share the link with your customer and select ‘Done’.

Send R120.jpeg

Yay! That’s it!

Send a payment link from the Yoco Web App

  1. Log in to your Yoco Web App here. Use your Yoco profile login details - either your Yoco profile email address or mobile number, and password.

  2. Go to your Sales Tab in the menu on the left side of your screen.

  3. Select the Payment Links tile and hit the + New link button in the top right corner of your screen.

  4. Enter your customer's name, the amount, and an optional extra message, all visible to your customer.

  5. Click the Create link button.

  6. Your new link will be added to your list of payment links on your Payment Links page.

  7. Click on your new payment link to open its details. From here, you can either Preview or Copy the link.

  8. Hit the Preview tile to make sure you're happy with all the details.

    Please note: this is a preview of a live payment link. Proceeding with the payment in this preview will incur the normal Yoco transaction fees.​

  9. Copy the Payment Link by clicking on the copy icon next to your link, and share it with your customer however you like. ​

Yay! That’s it!

Managing your Payment Links

View your Links

Your Payment Links now live in the Sales tab in the Yoco Web App.

To view your Payment Links, navigate to the Sales tab and click on the Payment Link tile/widget to navigate to your Payment Links home page.

💡 If you have existing Payment Links, they'll appear in a list. If you have yet to create your first Payment Link, you can do that by clicking the + New link button.

Edit your Link settings

When you're creating a new Payment Link, you're able to edit the amount to charge, the customer name and the optional link description. To edit the logo, phone number or email address that appear on the payment link page (in your preview), visit your business settings and edit your basic business details.

Find out more about updating your basic business details here.

View your Link payment in your Sales History

Your Payment Links will appear in your Yoco Sales History (in the Sales tab) once they have been successfully paid. Until then they'll appear in your Payment Links list, on the Payment Link home page.

Payment Links Troubleshooting Tips

What if my customer says the link is broken or their payment won’t go through?

Oh dear! There are several reasons why payments could fail. You could either try sending a new link, or keep reading to get more answers:

Transaction status messages (and what they mean):

  • Pending: This means the transaction hasn’t been made yet or is still being processed – it’s still too soon to tell whether it’ll be approved or not. If your customer says they’ve paid, but it’s ‘pending’ on your end, ask your customer to send through proof of payment so we can investigate what happened.

  • Aborted: This means that the transaction failed. There are many reasons why transactions could fail (see below).

  • Approved: This means that the transaction was successful, and should now be reflected in your Sales History.

Issues your customers could experience:

  • “The Payment Link is broken”: If your customer says they can’t open the link (for whatever reason), often the best way to address this is to create a new payment link from scratch, and try again. If that doesn’t work, try clicking on the link yourself to see if it works when you try it (which means the customer may be struggling with their own user issues), and if you also can’t access the link please contact Yoco Support immediately to report a fault — this should never happen.

  • “I can’t submit my card details”: If your customer says they’ve tried entering their details to pay, but can’t click on the ‘Submit’ button, it could mean they’ve entered their card details with spaces (in which case, make sure to go over all the details and delete any spaces or special characters), or they could be struggling with an unstable internet connection. Transactions must be processed using a stable internet or data connection for proper security — read more here. In these cases, the customer should try again with a stronger WiFi or data connection and processing speed.

  • “My transaction keeps being declined / says payment failed or aborted”: This can be a tough one to answer, because there are many reasons why a payment could get declined. Most times, it’s a problem on the customer’s side (either banking or user error) but here are some of the most common reasons why payments get declined:

  1. The customer made a mistake when entering their card details.

  2. The customer had an interrupted internet connection while processing their payment (read more here).

  3. The customer’s card isn’t one of those accepted by Yoco: can accept all MasterCard and Visa debit, credit cards and American Express. This includes international cards, swipe cards, chip and PIN, and SASSA cards. Issued from any bank. Unfortunately, we don't currently accept Fleet / RCS / Diners / Petrol cards. Get the full list here.

  4. The customer’s bank declined the transactions because:

    • Insufficient funds

    • Failure to do 3D Secure authentication

    • Bank does not do 3D Secure authentication

    • Bank does not allow the customer to do online payments

    • Challenges or downtime on the banking system side

  5. Our platform could be down (highly unlikely) in which case, you’ll have been notified via email as well as in-App or on-device pop-up messages.

    Read more about understanding failed transactions here.

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