How to Request a New Yoco Feature
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At Yoco, we’re always working on improving how we serve our customers, and have an ongoing variety of new innovations in the building process at all times. We’re very grateful to get any feedback about what we could be doing better, or what else we could be offering, to make growing your business easier. Introducing Yoco Feature Requests… (🥁)

What is it?

Yoco Feature Requests is a new tool in our Help Centre, that allows our customers to submit a feature request directly to the Yoco team. This could be anything from a small tweak or improvement, to an entirely new product! We’re keen to hear all your thoughts.

How do I submit a feature request?

  1. Click here to get started

  2. Enter your email address (if prompted).

  3. Select “Submit feature request”.

  4. Follow the prompts and write out your ideas.

  5. Select “Submit”.

Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Have a feature request’ from the page footer, which will direct you to the chatbot for you to submit your ideas to Yoco (as above).

What happens after I submit my new feature request?

As a feature request comes in, our internal team assigned to manage requests immediately receives a notification. The same dedicated team members will ensure every feature request is read, stored, and shared with the relevant product and development teams on a regular basis.

How do I know if my request has been implemented?

We review our feature requests weekly to make sure all ideas are captured and stored. Any new features or products will be announced in the monthly Yoco Newsletter as well as the Yoco Blog - so stay tuned.

What happened to the Canny Wishlist I used previously?

We have a new look and place for you to share your ideas and input with the Yoco team. While we have loved Canny over the years and the engagement from our customers here, we have adopted an integrated and seamless solution to capture your feature requests and share quarterly feedback with you.

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