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The Portal helps you to understand all the ins and outs of your business performance, and manage the practicalities of staff access, cash flow, and collating data from multiple stores. All reports can be downloaded into Excel and CSV format, from the cloud, anywhere in the world.

You’ll get a dynamic dashboard of key information, with live data that is simply yet powerfully organised and displayed for impactful insights and sophisticated convenience. Manage admin with features like inventory tracking and intuitive product organisation, so you can always find what you need, when you need it. Take a closer look and view sales reports at the touch of a button – broken down by number of sales, gross sales, payments, product, staff, categories, and brands.

Sales snapshot

Balance: Your balance includes all the Yoco card payments you've made (minus fees and any refunds, reversals and capital repayments (if applicable) since the last time a payout was processed for your profile. Find out more here.

Recent transactions: Get a quick snapshot of your recent sales, and click on "View History" for more details.

Sales performance

There are 4 different sales tabs. One for yesterday, one for today, for the last 7 days, and one for the last 30 days.

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The down or up arrow to the right of each sales total indicates the increase or decrease in sales compared to the previous period.

Hovering your cursor over the info icon will display the % change in sales from the previous period.

overview 2.png

Yesterday: Shows yesterday's sales compared to the day before.

Today: Shows today's sales compared to yesterday.

Together, these give you instant feedback on the immediate health of your sales and can help you spot the beginning of an up or downturn, fast.

Last 7 days: Compares the total sales of the last 7 days (including today), with the previous 7 days.

How are things looking this week? Can any difference in performance from last week be explained by something like pay-day week or a school holiday? Perhaps you tried something new or launched a special?

Last 30 days: Compares the total sales of the last 30 days (including today), with the previous 30 days.

Looking at a slightly longer view of your performance, can you spot any larger currents? Was there a change of seasons? Many public holidays? Have you been more active online or started advertising?

Quick facts

Total sales: This shows how many customers you served (more or less) over each time period. It's a good indicator for how 'busy' you were.

* If it's too low, you may want to look into boosting your marketing to attract more widely.

Average sale amount: This tells you how much your customers are buying (often called 'basket size'). It's a good indicator for how much your customers tend to spend.

* If it's low, think of ways to increase the average 'basket' - can you offer tantalising add-ons, complementary products/services, or increase some prices?

Transaction graph: Hover your mouse over the graph line to see the sales totals for each hour or day.

overview 4.png

* Can you spot common busy or slow times of the day or week? To keep growing your business, how can you focus on increasing the average sale amount (buy more) during your busier times, and increasing the number of sales (more customers) during your slower times?

Detailed insights

The three blocks at the bottom of your home tab display insights on your most popular products, your returning customers, and your top staff.

Popular products

The POPULAR PRODUCTS block displays your 5 most popular products for the sales period that you have selected. If you'd like to get more details, select View More top right.


Returning customers

The RETURNING CUSTOMERS block display insights on what percentage of your customers are returning customers during the sales period you have selected. Hover your mouse over the graph to see the number of new customers, and the revenue from those customers during the same sales period select.


IMPORTANT: These results are calculated using only Yoco card transactions.

Top staff

The TOP STAFF block displays your top five staff member sales based on the sales period you've selected. If you'd like to get a more detailed view, select View More top right.


Check out the Sales History Reporting User Guide here.

Check out the Payouts and Invoicing Reporting User Guide here.

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