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Downtime survival guide
Downtime survival guide
Updated over a week ago

We’ve recently released the new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the old Business Portal to manage your profile, get the original Downtime Guide here.

⚠️ There are lots of things that can cause system downtime. The most common are internet problems, payment network system failures, and glitches in supporting software.

🗯️ If we’re experiencing downtime, rest assured we’re working tirelessly to resolve things as fast as we can — and we’ll keep you updated via email.

The best thing to do is to be prepared with a backup plan, just in case…

How to get connected when your cellular network is down

Get a backup SIM for hot-spotting

It's quick and easy to buy a backup SIM card for just in case something should happen to the cell towers that provide your network. Check which network provider's SIM is currently in your card machine, and grab a backup SIM from a different network for emergencies.

Get a backup 4G dongle

Another great option is to get a wireless WiFi dongle, which you can also connect to your device or card machines should your network get interrupted unexpectedly. You can then switch to using the dongle WiFi on your card machines.

Get a backup battery for your WiFi during loadshedding

Backup batteries for WiFi routers are inexpensive and last for hour - get an affordable solution to keep your network uninterrupted.

How to keep taking payments during in-person payments downtime

Other than accepting cash (which also means you need to be able to make enough change), here are a variety of backup options for when disaster strikes!

Using Yoco online payments instead

🚫 When downtime happens, it means that some or all types of card payments are not currently possible on your card machine. However, it’s highly unlikely that online payments are impacted at the same time.

Yoco Payments Page

🏁 Use the Yoco Payments Page, so you can immediately go online and keep taking payments securely. Find out more about how to get your free Yoco Payments Page link to keep selling here.

🔥Tip: Use this free QR generator to create a QR code from your unique Payments Page link, that your customers can quickly scan to pay you online - then they don’t need to worry about typing in the full web address. You can either display this QR code on the screen of a phone or tablet, or you could print it out in as many copies as you need.

All you pay is our standard Yoco transaction fee, when you get paid - more here.

Yoco Link or Invoices

Yoco Link lets you sell stuff online (with or without a website), by sending a unique payment link from the Yoco App on WhatsApp, social or email!

👉 Get FAQs about Yoco Link here 👉 Find out how to use Yoco Links here

With Yoco Invoices, you can send (unlimited FREE) simple, professional invoices and get paid fast, online. - Create and personalise beautiful invoices with your logo and details (for free). - Send them via email or SMS - your customers just click to pay online, and you get notified.

👉 Manage and track all your invoices live from the free Yoco App

👀 Find out more about Yoco Invcoices here.

All you pay is our standard Yoco transaction fee, when you get paid - more here.

Using your banking app instead (also for during online payments downtime)


Give your customer your mobile number, so they can send you their cash total using e-wallet on their banking app. You’ll get an SMS with a PIN, which you can use to draw the money at an ATM.

💡 Bear in mind, you’ll also have to pay banking fees on cash withdrawals and deposits.

EFT and QR code of your bank details

Print or write out your banking details for emergencies, in case your customers want to make payment via EFT. Many banking apps have an option to create a QR code out of your banking account details - this means you can print the QR code and take mobile payments from your customers too. The money will go straight into your bank account in 2-3 days, just like an EFT.

💡 Be aware of the banking costs involved in EFT.

How to reflect these other payments in your Yoco Sales History

You can either capture a cash sale in the Yoco App or on your card machine (if enabled), or learn about creating custom payment methods via the Yoco Mobile/ Web App here. You can create a custom payment reference for whichever downtime payment solution you have in your back pocket, so it’s ready to go if the worst should happen.

Find out more about managing your Yoco profile payment methods here.

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