Manage your Other Payment Methods
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๐Ÿ’ก You can use your Yoco card machines and/or the Yoco POS to record other payment methods too, not just card payments! Just like with cash payments (always available as a payment method with Yoco), when you record a sale using one of your other payment methods it'll form part of your Yoco Sales History for your record, reporting and insights.

Please note: Yoco doesn't process other payment methods, or charge you any fees for using them. This means you can't action a refund of another payment method from your Yoco Sales History, but you can re-send receipts and view other payment details.

Your Payment methods settings are located in the business settings section of the Yoco Web App.

There are ten payment methods available to you to activate for record keeping purposes. You will notice that Card and Payment link are always on and you are not able to switch these off.

Please note: The payment methods below are purely for record keeping purposes and will not integrate with external payment providers directly.

The following payment methods are available to you to activate:

  1. QR code

  2. Cash

  3. EFT

  4. Delivery

  5. Gift Card

  6. Free

  7. Online

  8. Account

  9. E-wallet

  10. Other

๐Ÿ’ก To activate these payment methods simply toggle the button on or off. Changing these payment methods will be reflected on all your Yoco card machines and your Yoco POS.

Any previously activated custom payment methods which you named will remain active in your profile. However should you deactivate and remove them they will not reappear and you will only be able to use the predetermined payment methods above.

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