Yoco Go: User Guide
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Getting Started

Download the Yoco POS App

Copy and paste into your browser, or open this link: yoco.com/app

Click or tap on "Download" and the Yoco POS App page will open in whichever app store you use. You can sign up and complete your profile in the App, and take your business to the next level with epic selling features.

Struggling? Please note that your Android device (phone or tablet) must be running Android 4.4 or above / your Apple device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) must be running iOS 8 or later.

Switching on the Go

To switch on your Yoco Go card machine, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the blue lights on the top left-hand side turn on and the screen displays "Hello".


To switch off your Yoco Go card machine press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. If your card machine is being charged it will not power off.

NOTE: If your card machine is not used for more than 3 minutes, it will automatically go into Sleep Mode.

Pairing your Go to your smartphone or tablet

IMPORTANT: Before connecting your card machine to your smartphone/tablet, please make sure that you have a stable WiFi, 3G or LTE data connection.

You can connect your card machine using bluetooth pairing, to your iOS or Android smartphone/tablet with a few easy steps.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

How to connect your Yoco Go to your smartphone/tablet:

For Android

  1. Switch on the Yoco Go

  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.

  3. Open the Yoco POS App, and select the Sell tab (navigation bar at the bottom)

  4. Enter a custom amount and tap Charge to pay the bill.

  5. Then select Card to Pay Bill

  6. Choose Find my Device; tap Connect on the card machine with the same S/N (serial number) that appears at the back of your card machine.

  7. Once selected please wait a few seconds for the card machine to automatically connect with your device.

For iOS

  1. Switch on the Yoco Go

  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.

  3. Open the Yoco POS App, and select the Sell tab (navigation bar at the bottom)

  4. Enter a custom amount, or select an item you’d like to sell, and click Charge.

  5. Select Card to pay using your Yoco card machine.

  6. Select Pay

  7. Select the Yoco Go card machine from the list

  8. Select Find my machine

  9. Tap Connect on your Yoco Go card machine

Please note: If your Yoco profile has more than one type of card machine linked to it, you'll be asked to select the type of card machine you'd like to connect. Select the card machine type and wait a few seconds for the card machine to automatically connect with your device.


If you're experiencing trouble connecting your card machine to your device, here are some solutions you can try:

  • Make sure that you're connected to the internet, check that you have a stable internet/ 3G/ LTE/ data or WiFi connection on your phone or tablet.

  • Please make sure you have enough battery charge by checking the on-screen indicator. Charge your card machine, if necessary, using the cable provided and a plug adapter into a wall socket or charging bank.

  • Try restarting the Yoco POS App:

    • On your Android device: Select the “Recent apps” button, usually at the bottom right on your phone, and swipe the Yoco app to the left or right.

    • On your iOS device: double click on the home button and swipe up the Yoco app.

  • Go to the bluetooth settings of your smartphone or tablet. Under paired devices, you can choose to forget/unpair the card machine. Once unpaired you can start the pairing process again.

Completing a test transaction

To help you get more familiar with your Yoco Go, we recommend processing a R15 test transaction. This will also allow you to experience your first payout from Yoco.

  1. Switch on your Yoco Go, open your Yoco POS App and select the Sell tab, enter R15 as the payment amount, and click Charge.

  2. You can process the payment using your own card by tapping, inserting, or swiping.

  3. You should receive your payout for this transaction in 1 – 2 business days, once your banking details have been verified by Yoco.

Making Sales

Activating Tips

  1. From the Yoco POS App, tap on the "More" tab.

  2. Press "Settings" and "Point of sale".

  3. Here, you can customise how and when to ask your customer if they'd like to add a tip:

    1. Ask for amount tendered (tips) on card payments (tick the box to confirm).

    2. Show an "add tip" button above the cart (tick the box to confirm).

    3. Ask for tip on card machine (tick the box to confirm).

Accepting your first payment

  1. Switch on your Yoco Go and open your Yoco POS App.

  2. On your POS App, select the Sell tab and enter an amount of R2.00 or higher and click Charge.

  3. The Yoco app will connect to your Yoco Go, and ask your customer if they'd like to tip before prompting payment with a card by either tapping, inserting or swiping.

  4. This is when you should hand the card machine to your customer.

That’s it! You're now ready to start accepting card payments with the Yoco Go.

Switching your Yoco Go to pair with a different smartphone/tablet

IMPORTANT: You can only pair your Yoco Card Machine to one smartphone/tablet at a time. Please make sure you disconnect the card machine on all devices before trying to connect to a new device.

Disconnect the card machine from the current smartphone/tablet:

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone/tablet which is currently connected to your card machine.

  2. Select the card machine from the list of devices, and tap the "i" icon

  3. Select ‘Forget This Device’ (if iOS) or ‘Unpair’ (if Android).
    This will remove your card machine from your smartphone/tablet’s connection history.

Connect the card machine to the new smartphone/tablet afresh (steps above)

Refunds, sales history, and receipts

Get more sales details

Tap or click on a sale from your History to see these details:

  • The date and time the sale took place.

  • The payment status.

  • The subtotal, VAT and total (incl. tax) amounts charged.

  • The tip amount added (if any).

  • The note added (if any).

  • The payment method (cash or card).

Search for a specific sale

If you're struggling to spot the sale you're looking for just by scrolling through your Sales History, no sweat - we've got you covered with all the filters you could need to zero in on it.

In your Yoco POS App Sales History, you can search for a sale by date, amount, receipt number, bill number, or sales note details.

Here, you can also filter your search by payment type, payment status, device (which card machine the sale was made on), and date (range).

Process a refund

Tap or click on a sale from your History to process a refund:

  1. From your sales details on the Yoco POS App or Business Portal, press "Refund".

  2. Enter the email address or mobile number of the customer you're refunding - they'll get a notification too.

  3. Choose a reason for the refund, for your own reference.

  4. Press "Refund" only when you're ready to process - you can't undo this later.

Find out more about how refunds work here.

Re-send a receipt

Tap or click on a sale from your History to re-send a receipt:

  1. From your sales details on the Yoco POS App, tap "Send receipt".

  2. Enter your customer's email address or phone number.

  3. Tap "Send receipt" and a success message will show when completed.

Products, staff, stock and reporting


Create a catalogue of all the products you sell from the POS App or Portal here. When using the POS App to tally up a sale or order, you can quickly tap to add your products to the bill, before taking payment. Not only will this make your checkout process faster and smoother, you’ll get more detailed reporting from the Dashboard, and be able to track the performance of individual products and categories too.

Check out the Products User Guide here.


Activate a secure handover (with PINs) between different staff or users during the course of normal business. Whether you’re switching between shifts or have a small team sharing a card machine, you can always track who’s doing what, live from your Portal Dashboard here. You’ll set up and manage Staff Members from the Yoco POS App or Portal here.

Check out the Staff User Guide here.


Say goodbye to manual stock takes and hello to all the extra time you’ve just been gifted. Instead of closing up shop and dedicating hours to one of the less than exciting aspects of running a business, you can keep on top of your inventory using the Yoco POS App.

Check out the Inventory Management User Guide here.


The Portal helps you to understand all the ins and outs of your business performance, and manage the practicalities of staff access, cash flow, and collating data from multiple stores. All reports can be downloaded into Excel and CSV format, from the cloud, anywhere in the world.

You’ll get a dynamic dashboard of key information, with live data that is simply yet powerfully organised and displayed for impactful insights and sophisticated convenience. Manage admin with features like inventory tracking and intuitive product organisation, so you can always find what you need, when you need it. Take a closer look and view sales reports at the touch of a button – broken down by number of sales, gross sales, payments, product, staff, categories, and brands.

Check out the Yoco Reports User Guide here.

Managing your Yoco Go

Charging your Yoco Go

We have provided a micro USB charging cable in your launch kit which you can use to charge your Yoco Go card machine. Plug the smaller end into the card machine and then plug the other end into a power source such as a USB plug or a laptop.

Please Note:

  • The card machine takes 1 hour to fully charge from a wall socket.

  • If you're unable to turn on your card machine, this may mean the battery is completely flat. Charge your card machine directly from a plug socket for an hour.

  • When the card machine’s battery is very low, an exclamation mark inside a triangle icon will display.

  • When the card machine is charging a red light will indicate this and a lightning bolt over a battery icon will be displayed.

  • Do not charge your Yoco card machine during electrical storms.

How long can I use a Yoco Go card machine on a full charge?

You can process approximately 500 transactions or 700 contactless transactions on your Yoco Go card machine after it has been fully charged.

IMPORTANT: To maximise the life-span of your card machine we recommend charging from a plug socket in the wall. Use a branded USB plug with a surge-protector. Do not charge your card reader overnight as it will deteriorate the effectiveness of your battery over time.

Cleaning your Yoco Go

The Yoco Go card machine is made to endure general wear and tear and daily use. However, it must be treated with care for it to last.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your card machine stays well maintained:

  1. Regularly check both card slots to make sure they stay free of debris and dirt.

  2. Avoid charging your card machine overnight.

  3. Store your card machine in a cool place and avoid extreme temperatures.

  4. Due to the sensitive nature of the card machine, we encourage all merchants not to drop the card machine.

  5. Do not open or attempt to fix the machine as this will result in the machine going into an irreversible system tampered mode.

  6. Avoid using the card machine near electrical appliances or other devices that cause excessive voltage fluctuations or emit electrical noise (for example, air conditioners, electric motors, neon signs, high-frequency or magnetic security devices, or computer equipment).

  7. Yoco card machines are not waterproof - please avoid all contact with water and other liquids.

The Yoco Go card machine comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects from the day you receive it.

Get the Troubleshooting Guide here.

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