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Refunding my customer: FAQs
Updated over a week ago

We’ve recently released the new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the old Business Portal to manage your profile, get the original Refunds Article here.

It’s easy to process refunds with Yoco either through the Yoco Mobile or Web App. If you’re using the Yoco Khumo, Khumo Print, Neo, or Neo Touch you can refund your customers straight from your card machine too.

💡Refund timing can be tricky

  • Debit card payments can only be refunded on the same day as the original payment.

  • If you do the refund on the same day as the payment and before 7pm, then the refund will be instant.

  • If you do the refund after 7pm, or on the next day, your customer will receive their money within 5-7 working days.

Refunding from the Yoco POS or Web App

  1. From the sales details on the Yoco Mobile or Web App, press ’Refund’.

  2. Enter the email address or mobile number of the customer you’re refunding - they’ll get a notification too.

  3. Choose a reason for the refund, for your own reference (this won't show anywhere else).

  4. Press ‘Refund' only when you’re ready - you can’t undo this later.

Refunding from your Yoco card machine

  1. Find the sale you want to refund in your Sales History and tap on it.

  2. Select ‘refund’, and enter the refund PIN we’ll have sent to your phone.

  3. Choose the reason for the refund for your own reference.

  4. Complete by tapping on 'refund'.

💸 For cash refunds, you must give your customer the money in person. 🔔 Please note, refunds can’t be undone once they’ve been processed on your card machine.

What about partial refunds?

Unfortunately, you can only refund the full amount. Otherwise, you could wait for us to pay out the sale to you in your next payout, and you could then do a partial refund via EFT. We're working hard to release this feature ASAP!

Note - If you’re integrated with LightSpeed X or K series, you will be able to process partial refunds! 🙌 Find out more here.

Asking for a refund PIN?

This is a special security measure for when refunds are done on Yoco card machines. The refund PIN will be sent in an SMS to the mobile number linked to your profile. If you're struggling, rather do the refund from the Yoco Mobile or Web App using your admin login details.

It says refund pending?

This means you don't have enough money in your Yoco balance to refund the amount (yet). As soon as you've made enough sales to cover the balance, the refund will be processed. If this happens on the same day as the original payment and before 7pm, the refund will be instant. Otherwise it can take 5-7 working days to land in your customer's account. Find out more about your Yoco balance here.

Refund failed?

Refunds, like normal transactions, are dependant on the cardholder’s bank accepting and processing it. There are many reasons why refunds could fail. Here are some of the most common examples:

  • The bank card used to pay for the original transaction doesn't allow for refunds. (This is more common with debit and international cards.)

  • The bank account linked to the bank card used doesn't allow for refunds.

  • The bank account/card used has been stopped/frozen.

  • The original transaction has already been refunded.

  • The original transaction was never approved.

  • The original transaction is older than 90 days.

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