Yoco Neo: User Guide
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IMPORTANT: Neo has new functionality! Neo can now integrate with the Yoco Mobile App or 3rd party POS, via Bluetooth - click here for more information on activating this feature!

Getting Started

Switching on the Neo


Switch on the Yoco Neo by pressing the power button. You'll then be presented with a “Hello” welcome message and the setup process will start. The card machine will establish a 3G network connection and install the latest updates if required.

Completing a test transaction


To help you get more familiar with your Yoco Neo, we recommend processing a R15 test transaction. This will also allow you to experience your first payout from Yoco.

  1. Switch on the Yoco Neo, enter R15 as the payment amount and click Charge.

  2. You can process the payment using your own card by tapping, inserting, or swiping.

You should receive your payout for this transaction in 1 – 2 business days, once your banking details have been verified by Yoco.

Making Sales

Accepting your first payment


You'll be automatically logged in by confirming your business name on the Yoco Neo:

  1. Enter an amount of R2.00 or higher and press the green tick button to process the payment.

  2. The card machine will prompt payment with a card by either tapping, inserting, or swiping. This is when you should hand the card machine to your customer.

That’s it! You are now ready to start accepting card payments with the Yoco Neo.

Adding Sales Notes


You can add your own unique sales notes to Neo sales, in order to track product or invoice details:

  1. To activate the Sales Note feature, go to Menu >> Payment Settings >> Sales Note On.

  2. Once enabled you'll be prompted if you'd like to add a sales note when processing a payment on the Neo. If you select Yes, you'll be able to add a personalised sales note, which could be a product name e.g. "coffee", or an invoice number e.g. "INV0001", or any other note you’d like to add to a particular sale.

  3. Your Sales Note will be visible with the transaction, in your Sales History.

Accepting Tips


You can accept tip payments from your customers by enabling the tips feature on the Yoco Neo:

  1. To activate tips, go to Menu >> Payment Settings >> Tips On.

  2. Once enabled you will be able to select your default tip percentage, which will allow your customers to easily enter an automatic tip amount when processing a payment.

  3. Your customers can also choose to enter a custom tip amount.

When tips are enabled, the Neo will prompt your customers to choose whether or not they would like to add a tip. If they select No, the transaction will process without a tip amount. If they select Yes, they will be prompted to select or enter their preferred tip amount.​

Signature payments


Certain cards will request a signature from your customer. Use the Neo touch screen to allow the customer to sign for their transaction if prompted.

Sending Receipts


You can send receipts with the Yoco Neo via SMS or email. To send a receipt, simply process a transaction, and once completed, a message will appear on the Neo asking if you’d like to send a receipt through SMS or email:

  1. If you select SMS, the Neo will prompt your customer to enter their cellphone number.

  2. If you select email, the Neo will prompt your customer to enter their email address.

  3. You can also send receipts via the Sales History, Yoco App or Business Portal.

Application Selection

Certain bank cards will request an application selection from your customer. This could be a request to indicate cheque or debit, for example. The customer can select the appropriate application using the “up”, “down” and “green tick” buttons.

Managing Sales

Using the Menu


To access the menu, press the up arrow button and you'll be presented with the menu options. Using the up, down and green tick buttons, you can navigate through the following settings:

  1. Sales History

  2. Payout Info

  3. Payment Settings (Tips, Sales Notes)

  4. Device Settings (screen display, sounds, auto shutdown)

  5. Updates

Using the Sales History


You can view your sales history on the device by going to Menu >> Sales History. The Neo will show you all sales from the last 48 hours, as well as your daily sales total, so you can get a quick view of how your business is performing. To view your full sales history, please use the Yoco Mobile App or Business Portal.

Processing Refunds


You can process refunds on the Yoco Neo for eligible transactions processed in the last 48 hours. To process a refund:

  1. Go to Menu >> Sales History

  2. Select the transaction you want to refund, and click on the Refund button.

  3. You can then enter your refund PIN if you have one, or request that we send you a new PIN (if this is your first time completing a refund).

  4. The PIN will be sent to the business owner’s mobile number, as registered with your Yoco account.

  5. Refunds will only be processed if the correct authorisation PIN has been entered. You are welcome to share the PIN with your staff members, should you want them to process refunds .

The Yoco Mobile App or Business Portal can be used to process refunds for transactions older than 48 hours.

Find out more about how refunds work here.

Get Payout info


Access payout info directly on the Neo by going to Menu >> Payouts. You'll be able to get a quick summary of how payouts at Yoco work, and how long it will take to receive your payout. To access more details about payout totals, please use the Yoco Mobile App or Business Portal.

Managing your Neo

Neo SIM & connectivity

The Yoco Neo comes with a built-in SIM card that can only be used for transacting. The SIM card will only work with the Yoco Neo, and it is critical that you do not remove or replace the SIM card. The Neo will not work with other SIM cards, and the built-in SIM card will not work with other devices.

Getting Updates


From time to time, Yoco will release important software updates to improve your experience with the Yoco Neo card machine. These updates could be new features or performance enhancements. Updates will install automatically, but you can also check for updates manually. To install an update manually, go to Menu >> Check for Updates, and the device will check for and install the latest update, if available.

Connecting with Bluetooth?

Yoco Neo has new functionality! Neo can now integrate with the Yoco Mobile App (and other POS like Vend) via Bluetooth - read more here.

Auto shutdown


The Neo’s auto shutdown can be controlled by going to Menu >> Device Settings >> Auto Shutdown. You can then select one of the following auto shutdown options: 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins or Never. The shorter the auto shutdown period is, the longer the Neo battery will last. By default, it is set to 10 minutes, which means if the card machine is left unused for 10 minutes, it will shut down automatically.

Charging your Neo

To charge your Yoco Neo, plug the USB-C cable provided with your Neo into a suitable adapter and wall socket. The card machine can accept payments while charging. It typically takes 1 hour for a full recharge.

Help for Neo


You can access help from our support team at any point by going to Menu >> Help. Here you will be able to see all our help contact details, across all our support channels: In-App chat, help centre, phone and email contact details.



You can log out of the Yoco Neo by going to Menu >> Logout. Logging out means you’ll have to log back in and check for updates the next time you use the Neo, before you can start accepting payments again.

Cleaning your Neo

You can clean your Neo by wiping it with ethanol alcohol solution or wipes, as this is less damaging to some of the plastic coatings. In general, these products can contain up to 70% alcohol. Soap and water wipes are effective too, similar to what is suitable for cleaning phones.

Note: Cleaning should be carried out carefully to not allow the ingress of liquids, which could cause damage to internal components.


Neo unresponsive?

If your Neo becomes unresponsive, you can reset it by pressing and holding down the power button for 30 seconds.

Get the Yoco Neo troubleshooting guide here.

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