Yoco Neo Plus: User Guide
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A professional, sleek, all-in-one countertop device that pairs with any POS system and prints receipts. The Yoco Neo Plus has a fast and smooth checkout experience, with unlimited and free 4G connectivity.

Getting Started

Switching on your Neo card machine

Firmly press the power button to turn on your Yoco Neo Plus. You’ll then get a “Hello” welcome message. The Neo Plus will then confirm which Yoco business profile it’s linked to.

Switching on the NEO.png

Setting up your printer

Go to ‘Menu’ and select ‘Printer settings’. Set your receipts to be printed automatically, or leave it up to each customer to decide.

TIP: Remember to customise your receipts, by adding your logo and business details in the Portal here.

How to connect (pair) your Neo via Bluetooth

First, make sure you’ve downloaded the Yoco App from the Google Play Store, iStore or Huawei App Gallery. Sign in or sign up to create your Yoco business profile on the Yoco POS App (find out more here).

Now you’re ready to start pairing your Yoco Neo Plus:

  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on.

  • In the Yoco App, click on ‘More’, then ‘Settings’, and finally on ‘Card Machine’.

  • Select the Yoco Neo Plus image, and follow the on-screen prompts.

  1. Open the Yoco App. Select ‘More’, from the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select ‘Settings’

    image 3 .png
  3. Select ‘Card Machine’ and select ‘Yoco Neo Plus’

If you already have another device paired to your POS, you'll need to first make sure it's been unpaired from the previous smartphone/tablet before it can be paired again.

Integrated with a POS partner?

Using a partner like Lightspeed, Vend, Loyverse or Salonbridge? Start a new transaction in the Sell menu of your POS, select "Yoco card payment" and you'll be directed to the pairing menu. Select your Neo and input the serial number from the back of your machine.

Making Sales

Do a test transaction

Start a new transaction in your POS menu. Tap ‘Charge’ and ‘Card’. You’ll see the sale amount displayed on your Neo Plus, then Tap or insert your card to complete the transaction. Congrats!

Accept Tips

You can accept tip payments from your customers by enabling the tips feature on the Yoco Neo Plus. To activate tips, go to ‘Menu’ >> ‘Payment Settings’ >> ‘Tips On’. Once enabled, you’ll be able to select a default tip percentage, so your customers can easily add an automatic tip percentage when paying. Your customers can also always choose to enter a custom tip amount, if they prefer.

When tips are enabled, the Neo Plus will prompt your customers to choose whether or not they’d like to tip. If they select ‘No’, the transaction will be processed without a tip amount. If they select ‘Yes’, they’ll be prompted to select or enter their preferred tip amount.

Send receipts

Every time you complete a transaction, a message will appear on your Neo Plus, asking if you’d like to PRINT or send a digital receipt via SMS or email. If you select ‘SMS’, the Neo Plus will prompt your customer to enter their cellphone number. If you select ‘Email’, the Neo Plus will prompt your customer to enter their email address.

TIP: You can also send (and resend) receipts anytime from the Sales History, Yoco POS App or Business Portal.

Managing your Neo

Using the Menu

Press the up arrow button for the menu options: Using the up, down and green tick buttons, you can easily navigate through these different settings:

  • Sales History

  • Payout Info

  • Payment Settings (Tips, Sales Notes)

  • Device Settings (screen display, sounds, auto shutdown)

  • Updates


Getting Updates

From time to time, Yoco will release important software updates to improve your experience with the Yoco Neo Plus card machine. These updates could be new features or performance enhancements. Updates will install automatically, but you can also check for updates manually. To install an update manually, go to ‘Menu’ >> ‘Check for Updates’, and your Neo Plus will check for and install the latest update, if available.

Charging your Neo Plus

The Neo Plus comes complete with a charging dock, so you can leave your device plugged in on your countertop for all-day charging. Even when the power goes off, the charging dock has a battery backup that lasts all day. The card machine can accept payments and be used normally while charging.

Help for Neo Plus

Get help from our Support Team at any point, by going to ‘Menu’ >> ‘Help’. Here you’ll see contact details across all our support channels: In-App, website and WhatsApp Live chat, help centre, phone and email.

Get the Neo Plus Troubleshooting guide here.

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