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Yoco Neo & Plus: Troubleshooting
Yoco Neo & Plus: Troubleshooting
Updated over a week ago

We're so sorry you're struggling with your Yoco Neo. Let's get you sorted.

Has your Neo updated automatically?

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It’s vital to always ensure that your Neo has had the chance to automatically update its software each time you switch it on. We are constantly working to improve the Neo experience and make sure that our software is at its best. These updates could be new features or performance enhancements. Updates will install automatically, but you can also check for updates manually. To install an update manually, go to Menu >> Check for Updates, and the device will check for and install the latest update, if available.

Poor connectivity?

Should you be unable to transact due to bad connectivity, we recommend that you perform a SIM reset by following these steps:

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  1. Turn off the Neo using the power button.

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2. Hold down the number 4 button while turning the Neo back on until the “Hello” screen is displayed.

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3. When the “Hello” screen displays, you can stop holding down the number 4 button.

4. The Neo SIM will then reset and connect to a new network.

Note: when doing this, the Neo will take 2-5 mins to reconnect.

Lost SIM card

Please note that we do not recommend ever removing the Neo SIM card from the card machine. Should the SIM have been removed, a replacement will be needed, the original SIM will have to be suspended, and we will issue a replacement SIM card. Please contact our team via live chat in the App or via email, to order your replacement SIM card.

Error Message: "Insert SIM"

If your Neo is displaying the message "Insert Sim" when you switch it on for the first time, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

  1. Ensure that your Neo is connected to Power (this is to ensure that the Neo doesn't power off by itself), alternatively update your Auto Shutdown settings to 30 minutes.

  2. Switch on the Yoco Neo by pressing the power button

  3. Leave your Neo for 10 minutes for it to find a connection.

    • If after waiting for a full 10 minutes and there is still no connection, turn off the Neo and repeat step 2.

    • If after two attempts at this fail, then perform a Sim Reset

    • If you have completed steps 1-3 twice, and your device is still displaying the “Insert Sim’ message, please get in touch with us via Live Chat directly from our website or help centre, to arrange a replacement card machine.

Can't log in

If you can't log in to your Neo, this could mean it's not assigned to your business yet. Please reach out to Yoco Support.

Battery issues?

Make sure you're using a USBC cable to charge your Neo, and if you're still struggling try replacing the cable. Always use a wall socket, not a laptop or other device to charge your card machine.

Not reading chip cards

If your Yoco card machine isn't reading chip cards, here are some troubleshooting tips that might help fix the problem:

Step 1: Is the card being entered into the machine correctly?

Please make sure you're entering the card into the machine the correct way around. The card should be facing up, numbers visible with the chip inside the card machine.

Step 2: Retry the transaction with a different card.

If you're definitely entering the card correctly and the machine is still not reading chip cards, please retry the transaction with a different card. The chips on cards wear down with constant use and can also get damaged.

Step 3: Check that there's nothing stuck inside.

If a new card is also not working, please take a torch or bright light, and look inside of the machine’s card slot, to see if there is anything stuck inside.

IMPORTANT: Card machines carried loose in bags can get paper, tissue, or tiny objects stuck inside of them. If there seems to be something inside the card slot, please try to remove it very gently.

If you've tried a new card, and nothing is stuck inside the machine’s slot, and it's still not working, please contact our support team. If your card machine is still under warranty (within one year from the date you received it), we'll organise a replacement.

Neo Plus printer issues?

First, make sure your Neo is properly inserted into the stand:

  1. Press the blue button to open the charging cradle and release your Neo.

  2. Insert the bottom of your Neo card machine into the stand first, then clip the top in place.

Check your printer settings:

  1. Switch off your printer: Go to "Settings", then "Printer settings" and "Receipt printing".

  2. Check your settings: Choose either "Always ask" (always ask your customer if they want a printed receipt) or save as "Automatic" (always print receipts automatically).

  3. Switch your printer back on.

Insert the paper roll:

  1. On the back of the charging stand, gently push and pull on the edge clip that sits right where the black part of the casing makes a big bulge.

  2. Holding the paper roll with the end of the roll visible on top and facing you, insert into open slot with plenty extra paper.

  3. Close the printer lid over the excess paper roll, and tear off.

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