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Activate your Sales Tools

If you're using the Neo Touch without linking to a POS, or using either the Yoco Khumo or Khumo Print, you can activate the sales tools you'd like to use, on your card machine. You can also do so on the Yoco App.

💡 If you haven't activated your sales tools, you won't see the option to select products, or add a tip, switch staff profiles, or use other payment methods, on your Yoco card machine.

On the Yoco Neo Touch

To activate your Sales Tools, press on the 'Sales tools' button at the bottom right of your Neo Touch home screen:

Here, you can switch on the toggle for Cash Sales, Tips and/or Staff switching.

💡 Cash payments are automatically enabled on all Yoco card machines.

When accepting payments on your Neo Touch, you'll now have the option to:

  1. Choose whether the payment is cash or card (if cash is enabled)

  2. Your customer will be asked if they'd like to add a tip (if tips are enabled)

  3. Your staff can switch users on the Neo Touch using their staff PIN or passwords (if staff switching is enabled).

To Remove Sales Tools:

Go to ‘ Sales Tools’ → toggle the button to "Off" position next to the Sales Tool you'd like to deactivate on all your Neo Touch devices, at any time.

Note: You must be a business owner on the Yoco profile linked to the card machine, to be able to turn on Staff Switching. Only user profiles with permission to manage staff (admin, supervisor, manager etc.) are able to turn off staff switching. Learn more about user permission settings here.

On the Yoco Khumo or Khumo Print

1. Select the ‘Manage’ button at the bottom of your Yoco Khumo Home Screen, to enable or disable Sales Tools.

2. Here, you can switch on the toggle for ‘Products', ‘Staff switching', and ‘Tips’.

Products: Allows you to select from a catalogue of products that you create and manage on the Yoco App. Find out more here.

Staff switching: Allows your staff members to securely switch between users during a shift, so that all your sales are recorded accurately per staff member. Find out more here.

Tips: Allows customers to add a tip when making payment for a bill. Tips are recorded along with the sale (in your sales history details) as well as in your staff summary reports in the Yoco App here.

💡 Cash payments are automatically enabled on all Yoco card machines.

3. Click on the toggle to the "On" position to activate the tool(s) you’d like to use.

4. All the Sales Tools you’ve enabled, will be listed under your Yoco Khumo ‘Tools’ menu.

To Remove Sales Tools:

Go to ‘Tools’ → ‘Manage’ and click on ‘Disable’ or toggle the button to "Off" position to deactivate that Tool on all your Khumo devices, at any time.

Set up Tips from the Yoco App

You can manage your business tip settings (which will be applied across all your Yoco card machines and/or Yoco POS), from your Tip Settings page in your business settings.

💡 When you set up your tips on the Yoco App, all your card machines will automatically be updated as per your selection.

Using Sales Tools with a Point of Sale

If you're using the Neo Touch with your Point of Sale, you'll need to activate the sales tools you'd like to use, on your POS. Once you've done that, all your card machines will automatically be updated to reflect your choices.

For more on how to set up your Neo Touch and Point of Sale, check out this article.

Customise your Yoco receipts

Make your receipts your own by adding your contact details, slogan, trading hours, social media handles, logo, and more - here's how:

Step 1: Update your business details

Log in to the Yoco Web App here and select your business name to open your Business Settings. Next, select the Receipt Settings tile, where you can edit or update your trading name, VAT number, default VAT % charge, phone number, and trading address.

Step 2: Polish your professional receipts

Select the Edit button to add or edit your Yoco receipt details.

Receipt details:

You can customise and use whichever of these options suits your needs - they're all optional extras to help you take advantage of the free advertising space and professional edge.

  1. Upload your logo in any image format from your device, and update your basic business details (like your VAT number, address and contact details) by editing your business details here.

  2. Choose your Receipt Type (Receipt or Tax Invoice) - Both will still show a VAT breakdown, but will have different headings.

  3. Add your Company Slogan - usually just one short sentence to describe your business' essence. It could also be your name, or anything else that you'd like to tell your customers in a short line.

  4. Enter a Receipt Footer - this can be absolutely anything and you have a little more room to work with: from opening hours, delivery details, latest specials and discounts, to extra contact details. You can update this as often as you like!

  5. Show your phone number? Choose whether or not you'd like your profile phone number to be shown on your receipts. It's automatically turned on, so if you don't want this, just click on the green toggle button.

  6. Social Media Handles: Add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles to boost your social traffic.

Step 3: Preview your receipt

Make sure you're happy by taking a look at the final product! Your receipt preview is always available right at the top of your Receipt Settings page, simply select the Preview button to view it in full.

Set up your other payment methods

💡 You can use your Yoco card machines and/or the Yoco POS to record other payment methods too, not just card payments!

Just like with cash payments (always available as a payment method with Yoco), when you record a sale using one of your other payment methods it'll form part of your Yoco Sales History for your record, reporting and insights.

Please note: Yoco doesn't process other payment methods, or charge you any fees for using them. This means you can't action a refund of another payment method from your Yoco Sales History, but you can re-send receipts and view other payment details.

Your Payment methods settings are located in the business settings section of the Yoco Web App.

There are ten payment methods available to you to activate for record keeping purposes. You will notice that Card and Payment link are always on and you are not able to switch these off.

Please note: The payment methods below are purely for record keeping purposes and will not integrate with external payment providers directly.

The following payment methods are available to you to activate:

  1. QR code

  2. Cash

  3. EFT

  4. Delivery

  5. Gift Card

  6. Free

  7. Online

  8. Account

  9. E-wallet

  10. Other

💡 To activate these payment methods simply toggle the button on or off. Changing these payment methods will be reflected on all your Yoco card machines and your Yoco POS.

Have you completed your Yoco profile for payouts?

Check out this article for guidance.

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