Yoco Khumo: FAQs
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Does the Khumo link to my POS system?

No, the Khumo is a standalone device that doesn’t need to be connected to a mobile phone or smart device. It can’t link to a POS system.

Does Khumo need to be connected to WiFi?

You can choose to either transact with unlimited, ultra-fast 4G or connect to WiFi if you prefer. No smart device Bluetooth pairing needed — your Yoco Khumo is a standalone hero!

How long does it take to process a transaction on the Khumo?

The Khumo takes less than 3 seconds to process a transaction.

Will I need to pair my Khumo with a smart device?

Nope, we built Khumo to stand alone and meet all your payment needs — whether shared between a team, used for deliveries, or moved across different business locations.

Does the Khumo come charged?

Yep, it’s already charged (and rearing to go) when you get it.

How long does the battery last?

Your Khumo should be able to do a full day of transacting, before needing to be charged again.

Does the card machine come with a SIM card?

Yes, your Khumo comes with 2 SIM cards (MTN and Vodacom) so you can connect to the strongest signal wherever you are. It comes with unlimited 4G data. These SIM cards will only work in your Khumo and should never be removed.

What payment methods can my customer use on the Khumo?

Accept all major cards including AMEX via Tap, Chip, Swipe, PIN, and Apple Pay.

What is Products for Khumo?

Your entire product catalogue at your fingertips

Now you can pre-enter your products on the Yoco POS App or the Portal to reflect on your Khumo to make ringing up a sale super easy – and fast. Simply choose from a complete, detailed list of your products – including variants like size, colour, or brand – and bob’s your uncle. This allows you to easily track your sales and identify which products are outshining the rest.

What is Staff Switching for Khumo?

Switch between different staff profiles

There’s no need to embrace the chaos as you attempt to keep track of multiple staff members conducting sales during different shifts. Instead, our handy staff switching feature allows you to create individual profiles for each of your staff.

Conduct cash ups specific to staff members

Now you can quickly and oh-so-easily cash up for each member of staff. Plus, being able to access this data also makes it easier for staff to keep track of their sales and tips. The dream!

Keep an eye on who’s doing what

You can see which staff members are using the machine at any given moment, as well as who’s used the machine during trade, giving you crucial intel into who’s doing (or not doing) what, right from the Yoco POS App or Portal.

Protect sensitive info by managing permissions

Keep private information safe from prying eyes by setting up different permissions for different staff. These can be changed at any time, and will immediately reflect on the Khumo. You can set a different PIN for each staff member for secure handovers.

Seamless tools management

We’ve put the power in your hands, with our tool management feature. This enables you to choose which of these features you want to use, in line with what serves your business best. And if your priorities change, all you have to do is switch back on or off and you’re golden – toggle according to your needs.

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