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How to sign up with Yoco
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It’s really easy and affordable to get a Yoco card machine, no matter how big or small your business is. Here’s a quick guide on how to join the Yoco community, and get your hands on the future of card payments.

How to sign up with Yoco

Completing Yoco signup is quick and easy, no matter where or how you choose to enter your details.

There are two ways to sign up with Yoco:

  1. Sign up online at

  2. Download the free Yoco POS App, and you can sign up and complete your profile for payouts all in one place. You can also use the App to run and manage your sales in future.

Remember that the Yoco POS App currently only works with iOS, Huawei and Android smartphones/tablets. Learn more here.

What you'll need to sign up with Yoco

Yoco Signup is about getting all your key information, so that we can create your Yoco Profile. We’ll then verify your details, before we can pay you out. While we get you onboarded, we’ll keep all the money you’ve transacted safe for when your verification is complete and you’re eligible for your first payout.

Note: if you’re not the sole owner of the business, you must be a director, partner, member or trustee of the business you’re signing up for.

Here are the basics to completing your signup steps:

  1. Email address: this will be used to contact you with important (legal) messages from us.
    💡Please use an email address that you use actively, because it’s a core part of your Yoco profile.

  2. Mobile number: this will form part of your Profile’s security authentication, but unlike your email address, your mobile number can more easily be changed or reallocated to another Yoco Profile in future.
    💡Please provide an active number for yourself or your business, because we like to keep in touch and offer multi-channel support and notifications.

  3. Trading Address: This is where you operate from, and where your customers and important mail can find you — it may also be your home address.

    💡 We may ask you for proof of address.

You'll later have to finish your Yoco Profile with identification and verification checks to get your first Payout. Read more here.

  1. Identification:

    💡We only accept original identification documents, which must be current and valid (not expired).

    RSA IDs:

    • Green ID book, or

    • Smart ID card, or

    • Barcoded Passport

    International IDs:

    • Barcoded Passport, and valid work visa

  2. South African Bank Account: must be transactional (that means, your account can make and take payments). Typical transactional bank accounts include a, current or cheque account. If you’re unsure, check with your bank or on your banking profile.

Signing up for Yoco online payments?

If you'd like to sign up with Yoco so you can use the ever-powerful Yoco Payments Gateway for your online store, look no further. You'll be asked to enter your website url, so we can verify that it's real. For the rest, the signup process will be the same.

Note: To use our other online payments, like Yoco Link, Invoices, Payments Page and Vouchers, you'll either need to buy or register an existing Yoco card machine when you sign up.

Business details we'll need to complete Signup

Once you've added your profile contact details and ticked the box to accept or Terms, it's time to tell us more about you and your business:

  1. Business name: Not sure yet? That's okay, you can update this anytime in your Profile. It could be your name, your trading name, or whatever your customers best know you by.

  2. Entity or Business Structure: this will determine which documents you’ll need to submit to complete the verification process and finish your Setup for Payouts.

    1. Self-employed person / Sole Trader: Any private person, individual or one-man show, working to generate a profit for their own benefit / loss.
      💡You must be the only person who owns the business.

    2. Private Company (Pty) Ltd: Any business which has been registered as a (Pty) Ltd with the CIPC.💡You must be a Registered Director of the Company.

    3. Partnership / many co-owners: A partnership is a type of unregistered business, and is the relationship between two or more persons (the partners), who join forces in business to generate a profit together.
      💡You must be one of the partners or co-owners of the business.

    4. Close Corporation (CC): Any business which has been registered as a CC with the CIPC. 💡You must be a Registered Member of the Close Corporation.

    5. Non-Profit Organisation: Any entity established for the purposes of “good works” and not for any financial gain or profit. An NPO can be registered or unregistered. Common types of NPOs are churches, clubs, schools and associations.💡You must be one of the Directors, or the Chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary of the NPO.

    6. Trust: A special legal construct between at least three persons, whereby assets are managed for a specific benefit. 💡You must be one of the Trustees.

  3. Business Owner Name and Surname: this is your name, and if you’re not the sole owner of the business, you must be a director, partner, member or trustee of the business you’re signing up for.

  4. About your Business: Categorise your primary business activity (what you’ll be taking payments for), also called your Merchant Category Code (MCC) and which allows us to classify all transactions (by law) processed through Yoco.

Once you've completed these details, your Yoco profile is created and all that's left to do is get it verified for payouts and get transacting!

Please Note: Yoco doesn't permit all types of businesses and/or business activities. Please read more about our prohibited business list here.

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