Vend + Yoco Neo: User Guide
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Vend is a Point of Sale software made for retail, that easily integrates with Yoco. Manage your sales, stock and track profitability in real-time.

Integrating Vend and Yoco payments gives you a speedier checkout with automated payments, keeps staff happy with tip collection and helps you cash out in minutes.

You can learn more about Vend’s features here.

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Integrate with Vend

What do I need to integrate Vend + Yoco?

To set up your Yoco/ Vend integration, you'll need the following:

  • Yoco login details;

  • Yoco: Please make sure you have your Yoco username and password on hand;

  • Vend: Please make sure you have your Vend Register username and password on hand;

  • iPad: Please make sure you know the unlock code for your iPad;

  • Apple App Store: Please make sure you know your App Store ID and password in the event of any required software updates;

  • An active Vend account;

  • Operating on the latest version of the Vend Register ;

  • Apple iPad, running the latest iOS version;

  • An active Yoco account;

  • A Yoco wireless card machine.

What do I need to do in order to integrate Vend + Yoco?

To start accepting payments with Yoco through the Vend iPad app, first add the Yoco payment type to your Vend store. Here's how:

Adding Yoco as a payment type

  1. On your Vend home page, select the Setup option, and the following screen will display.

  2. Select the Payment Types tab.

  3. You'll navigate to the Payment Types screen.

  4. Select Add Payment Types, and then select Yoco from the drop down on the next screen. Once you've selected Yoco, you'll see the following screen.

  5. Select Save Payment Type, which will create the payment type. Once successfully created, a Payment type created pop up will display.

  6. Then select Save Payment Type again, which will save it to your Payment Types. When Payment type updated displays, you've successfully added Yoco as a payment type for your business.

Using Vend + Yoco

Log into your Yoco account on the Vend Register app

  1. Log into your Yoco account in the Vend Register app, select the Menu option, then Settings.


  2. Once you've selected Settings, select the Hardware option.


  3. Once you have opened Hardware, select Login to Yoco.


  4. Enter you Yoco login credentials. These are the details you created for your Yoco profile when signing up.


  5. Once you've successfully logged in, you'll see an option to Logout of Yoco.


Adding Yoco as a payment type through the Vend Register app

You can add the payment type directly from the Vend Register app in 6 easy steps. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard in the menu to the left.

  2. Click on the Menu button.

  3. Once here, select Setup > Payment Types.

  4. In the payments type screen, click on Add Payment Type and then select Yoco from the Payment Type drop-down.

  5. Once this has been completed, tap on the Save Payment Type button.

  6. Once you've added Yoco as a payment type to Vend, you'll need to pair your Yoco Wireless Card Machine to your iPad.

How to connect your Yoco Card Machine

Pairing your Yoco Card Machine in-app

  1. Get your Neo ready:

    1. On your smartphone/tablet, turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone/tablet Settings.

    2. Switch on the Yoco Neo by pressing the power button (1). You will then be presented with a “Hello” welcome message and the setup process will start.

    rtaImage (1).jpeg

  2. To pair your card machine through the app, you'll first need to initiate a sale in the Vend Register app. Select an item, and then select Pay. The following screen will be displayed.


  3. Select the Yoco payment option. Once selected, the following pop up will display. Enable Location Permission.


  4. Once enabled, select Connect Wireless Card Machine.​


  5. Once you've put the card machine into pairing mode, select next.


  6. A pop-up will appear with the Yoco device (this can take a few seconds to show). Once displayed, select the Neo device with the same serial number as your card machine.

  7. A pairing request will then display. The unique code will also appear on your card machine. You'll need to accept the code on the card machine by clicking on the Green Tick Button. Once clicked, please select the Pair option on the iPad screen.


  8. If the pairing is successful, the following will display.


  9. Hooray! You are now ready to transact.


How to upgrade to Lightspeed X-series

By upgrading to Lightspeed X-Series you will now be able to access partial refunds and full refunds.

Once you have upgraded, support for partial refunds will be automatically available as part of the updated version.

To find out more click here.

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