TabletPOS + Yoco Neo: User Guide
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TabletPOS by iKentoo is the fastest growing hospitality POS software in SA. Enjoy real-time reports on stock tracking and bespoke hospitality functions like splitting tables, multi-receipt printing and multiple staff management.

By integrating TabletPOS by iKentoo and Yoco, you can increase table turnover, cash up in minutes, reduce fraud and collect more tips.

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Integrate with TabletPOS

How to connect your Yoco card machine to iKentoo

Connect your Yoco card machine to iKentoo is easy with a few steps.

Here's how:

  1. Add the items/amount you want to charge your customer.

  2. Select the actions button i.e. large green button > and select Pay and Close.

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  3. Select the Payment Method drop-down menu and choose Yoco.

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  4. Select Done

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How to connect (pair) your Neo via Bluetooth

How to connect your Yoco Neo to your smartphone/tablet:

  1. On your smartphone/tablet, turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone/tablet Settings.

  2. Switch on the Yoco Neo by pressing the power button (1). You will then be presented with a “Hello” welcome message and the setup process will start.

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Pairing with your Neo

Start a new transaction in the Sell menu of your iKentoo POS, select "Yoco card payment" and you'll be directed to the pairing menu. Select your Neo and input the serial number from the back of your machine.

Using TabletPOS + Yoco

How can I check which version of iKentoo I'm using?

To check which version of iKentoo you're on, open the iKentoo app, and on the main screen:

  1. Select the down arrow.

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  2. Select Hardware.


  3. Your iKentoo version will display next to Application version.

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How can I process a refund in iKentoo?

The way in which you process refunds in iKentoo with Yoco depends on the version of iKentoo that you're on.

  1. If you are using any version of iKentoo below 2.0.51 you'll have to process refunds on the Yoco Point of Sale app.

  2. If you are using any version of iKentoo above 2.0.51, you can process refunds on the iKentoo app itself.

How to process refunds in the latest version of iKentoo (v2.0.51 and above)

  1. When your customer requests a refund, go to the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner of the iKentoo app.

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  2. Select Payments and you'll see a list of your recently completed (and open) transactions.

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  3. Select the transaction that you'd like to refund.

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  4. Select Go to receipt on the pop-up.

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  5. Once you're on the receipt, select the red button on the left-hand side which displays Void Receipt. You'll be prompted to confirm this action.

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  6. Once you've confirmed the cancellation, a pop-up will display prompting you to enter your Yoco manager login details to authorise the refund. Enter the details and select Authorise.

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  7. Once the refund has been authorised, you'll see a confirmation in Ikentoo that the refund has been processed.

How to split a bill (iPad)

To split a bill in iKentoo, you can either use payment options, or split the bill between guests at the same table. We'll be focusing on splitting the bill by splitting the total amount to be tendered. The views are different for iPod Touch and iPad.

How to split a bill using an iPad View and the Payment Options method:

  1. When your customers are ready to pay and would like to split the bill, you can do this by selecting the large green arrow button. Select Payment Options.

  2. Select the Payment Method drop-down menu and select Yoco. Enter the full amount on the keypad, including the tip. Select Register a Payment.

  3. You'll be prompted with tip screen. On this screen, enter the tip amount. Once you've entered the tip amount, select Done.

  4. If you're happy with the amounts, select Done. This will take you to the Yoco payment screen. Process your card transaction as normal.

  5. To process another part payment of the bill, follow the steps outlined above.

  6. Once the complete bill has been paid, you'll see the iKentoo confirmation screen of total paid.


  1. Customer A pays R2 toward the bill and R1 toward the tip = total payment of R3

  2. Customer B pays R3 toward the bill and R2 toward the tip = total payment of R5

The way in which you would split the bill:

  1. Ring up your items in iKentoo as per usual. In this example, 5 x Rose Lime Cordials have been added to the bill, totalling R5,00.

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  2. Select the actions button (large green button) and select Payment Options.

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  3. Select the Payment Method drop-down menu and choose Yoco. Enter the full amount that Customer A wishes to pay, including the tip. In this example, Customer A chooses to pay R3 toward the bill and tip. Select Register a Payment.

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  4. Now enter how much of the R3 that Customer A has paid is towards the tip. In this example, Customer A chooses to pay R1 toward the tip. This means that of the R3 paid, R2 is towards the bill and R1 is towards the tip. Once you' have entered the R1 tip amount, select Done.

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  5. You'll be taken into the Yoco POS App to complete the payment for Customer A of a total of R3. Once you've completed the card payment in Yoco, select Done, and you'll be taken back into iKentoo to finalise the rest of the bill.

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  6. Back on iKentoo, you'll see a breakdown of what has been paid, and what is still due. The R3 that has been paid toward the R5 bill will reflect. However, R3 is still due because only R2 of that payment was towards bill, and R1 was paid toward a tip.

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  7. You can now finalise the bill. Customer B chooses to pay R5 towards the bill. R3 will cover the remainder of what's due and R2 will be towards a tip. Remember to select Yoco under the Payment Method drop-down menu. Select Register a Payment.

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  8. Now enter the amount that will go towards a tip. In this example, R2 (of the R5) will be paid toward the tip. Select Done.

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  9. You'll be taken into the Yoco POS App to complete the payment. Customer B pays R5 with Yoco.

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  10. Once the card payment has been processed, select Done in Yoco. You'll be taken back to iKentoo and you can close the table with a total of R8,00 paid. A total of R5 was paid toward the bill and R3 paid towards the tip.

How much data does iKentoo use?

iKentoo uses very little data to run. As an example, if you run...

  • full covers for 100 people per day,

  • using a full menu,'ll use approximately 750 MB per month.

This means you can run 10 - 20 transactions per MB, or 10 000 - 20 000 transactions per GB.

IMPORTANT: The amount of time it takes to process your transaction is dependent on your Internet speed, whether using WiFi or mobile data. We suggest using any 3G internet speed or higher.

TabletPOS: Troubleshooting

Why are my receipts not printing?

If your receipts are not printing it's likely that your iOS device is not connected to the same WiFi network as the printer. Make sure they are on the same network and that the printer has sufficient receipt paper.

IMPORTANT: If you have further issues with printing receipts, please contact TabletPOS. You can find their contact details here.

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