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Yoco Payouts: Guideline & Schedule
Updated this week

We’ve recently released the new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the old Business Portal to manage your profile, get the guide on Yoco communications here.

Payout Basics

To get your Yoco Payouts settled into your bank account, you’ll need to first complete your Yoco profiles setup, and submit your original ID and bank details, as well as any verification documents requested by Yoco (if needed).

This is why it’s so important to first make sure that you have everything you need to complete setup for payouts, before you start transacting or making sales.

Make sure your Yoco profile is ready to receive payouts:

  1. Confirm your identity:

    Upload your original ID or Passport straight from the Yoco App.

  2. Enter your bank account details:
    This has to be a South African account, that’s also transactional — that means Yoco can debit and credit it. The account must be in your name, or if you’re signing up for a business, the account must belong to the business. Enter your details in the Yoco Web App here, or from the Yoco Mobile App.

  3. Submit your verification details:
    Depending on how your business is structured, we may need some extra details or documents in order to complete your verification process. Don’t worry! This might not even apply to you — check out our Setup FAQs for more details.

  4. Complete your Basic Business Details: Tell us where you operate from. Enter your details in the Yoco Web App here, or from the Yoco Mobile App.

Yoco Payout Schedule and Timing

At midnight everyday Yoco reconciles your transactions for the last 24 hours so that we can make payment to you the next day. This payout can then take 1-2 business days to reflect in your bank account, depending on your bank.

Any card transactions you process after midnight are considered part of the next day's transactions. These transactions will be included when your total is reconciled on the following day.

Sundays and public holidays are non-banking days, so they delay the payout process. For example, if Monday is a public holiday, your transactions from midnight on Friday until midnight on Monday, will reflect in your account by the next Wednesday.

💡 Please note: You need a minimum balance of R15 to get a payout.

Transaction happens:
(before midnight)

Yoco pays you out:

Payout reflects in your bank account:




















Next business day

1-2 days later

Public holiday

Next business day

1-2 days later

Your Yoco Fees

Your Yoco fees are deducted from your sales total, before you’re paid out. At the moment, there are two different fee structures at Yoco. We recently updated our fees, to offer better rates to new customers joining our ecosystem. We’ll soon be expanding our range of pricing options further, and opening them up to everyone on the platform. However, for now, there are two different fee packages that coexist.

View your Yoco Fees in the Yoco Web App

Log in to the Yoco Mobile App and/or Yoco Web App and navigate to either your Business Settings by selecting your business logo or name from the top of the many of tabs, or select the Money tab from the menu. Next, select the Fees tile.

Here, you'll get a breakdown of all the costs included in your current Yoco Fees package. Watch this space!

Read more about Yoco Fees here.

Keeping track of your Yoco Payouts

You can view the total of your next incoming Yoco Payout, as well as all your Yoco Payouts on the Yoco Mobile App and/or Yoco Web App. Here, you can see all your payout records and track when your next payout will be settled.

You can also click on each individual payout to see its details page, with a summary of the total sales included in the payout amount, the total Yoco fees incurred for those sales, and the total amount paid out to you. There will also be a list of the individual card transactions that were included in that particular settlement amount.

Exporting your Payout Reports

💡 You can export all your Yoco Payouts and Tax Invoices from your Yoco Web App into CSV. Simply double click the CSV to open it in Excel.

To download your Payout Reports from the Web App, go to the Money tab and then select the Payouts tile.

Once you've selected the date range you'd like to view, and/or filtered it by status or type, you're ready to download the report.

Click on the download icon in the top right corner of your screen, and select the format you prefer. For now, the system can generate a CSV file, containing the payment records for the payout.

If the columns don't display correctly, then you'll need to follow the these steps

  1. Select File, then Import.

  2. Select CSV File.

  3. Ensure that Delimited is selected and not Fixed width. Select Next.

  4. Make sure that Semicolon is selected.

  5. Select Finish. If you're asked where to insert the data, select New sheet.

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