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Yoco Khumo & Print: Troubleshooting
Yoco Khumo & Print: Troubleshooting
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We're so sorry you're having trouble. Skim through these common troubleshooting questions and issues to see if they match your problem - otherwise, please reach out to our Support Team.

Troubleshooting Basics

How to restart your Khumo

Long press the power button on the right hand side of the device, and you will see the standard power off, restart options. Select restart, and allow the device to reboot. Long press should be at least 2 seconds.

Khumo_Restart your device.jpg

Finding your Khumo's serial number

Your Khumo's serial number is on a white sticker on the back of your device. If for whatever reason you can't make out the number, you can also search for it on your Khumo. To find your device serial number you will need to go to your settings and then select "About the card machine".

I can't see products, staff or cash options?

Firstly let’s confirm a few things to make sure you can fix this issue:

  1. Please make sure that you're logged in as an Administrator

  2. Did you add your products or staff via the Yoco POS App or Business Portal?

  3. Please check if your POS version on the Khumo device is on 3.44.0 or higher.

  4. If it isn't on 3.44.0 or higher, you'll then need to check for updates on your Khumo device.

Network or connectivity issues?

Which network/SIM card is my Khumo using?

This machine has 2 SIM slots with a SIM card inserted in each slot. There is 1 Vodacom SIM card and 1 MTN SIM card. Both SIM cards are active at all times and the signal strength of each network will be visible on the top right corner. The first signal icon is the MTN signal strength and the second one is for Vodacom. The Khumo comes set up automatically on MTN but if a merchant wishes they can switch seamlessly over to Vodacom by going to the settings menu which is accessible on the top left corner of the app.

Khumo_Network Settings_1.jpg

My Khumo is not connecting to the WiFi

If your Khumo or Khumo Print is unable to connect to the Wifi, you will need to perform a reboot by holding down the power button for 20 seconds. If this does not work, you may need to troubleshoot your Wifi router connection.

My Khumo isn't connecting to mobile networks

If you are unable to connect to a network with your Khumo or Khumo Print, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Try and switch to alternative network (Vodacom to MTN or vice versa)

Step 2: If you are unable to connect with either Vodacom or MTN, please check if you have network coverage in your area

Check these network coverage maps for your area:

Step 3: If your network coverage is poor, you will need to switch over to WiFi instead.

My Khumo says "Searching for 4G networks"

If you see "Searching for 4G networks..." on your Khumo device, you'll need to click on "Network connection settings" below the error message.

Then select either the MTN or Vodacom SIM card with the best connection, or WiFi if you have access to it.

Trouble powering up/down

Powering with the incorrect button(s)?

If you accidentally hold down both volume buttons while trying to power up, you'll get stuck on the screen below. Press and hold the power button (only the power button) for 20 seconds.

Khumo_Beta Screens_2.jpg

My Khumo keeps switching off?

The factory default setting for the Khumo is to auto shutdown after 1 hour of total inactivity. If you plug your Khumo in to a power source or interact with it so that the screen comes on, it resets that timer.

However, if you'd like to change those settings, it's super simple:

  1. On your Khumo, go to "Settings", then "Device Settings" and "Auto shutdown".

  2. Here, you can choose which time period you'd prefer (or switch off auto shutdown).

My Khumo is stuck on “Let’s Get You Paid”

You'll need to perform a restart of your Khumo by holding down the power button (you can find this on the right side below volume button) for 2 seconds and then select Restart from the pop up menu.

If the restart doesn't resolve the issue, please contact support via our live chat if you are receiving this error as they will need to do a few internal checks for you.

Error messages

“Oops Something Went Wrong”

Please contact support via our live chat if you are receiving this error as they will need to do a few internal checks for you.

"Provision request failed"

If you see this displayed on your Khumo device, this means that this is a network error, you will need to ensure that you have network connectivity (either SIM or Wifi), once this has confirm please restart your device.

NFC Tap issues (Back cover warning)

If you're having problems with your tap functionality not working, it's most likely that your card machine's back cover is not fitted correctly.

To fix this problem, you'll need to follow these steps:

  • Turn over the Khumo to expose the back cover

  • Using a fingernail in the removal slot (bottom left of cover), pull the cover firmly

  • The back cover will unclip from several clip points around the back cover

  • Once completely off, you will need to refit the cover as follows:

  • First tilt the cover to align the top with the two clips

  • Then push the bottom of the cover so that a click is felt/heard

  • Then work your way all the way around the back cover applying pressure to the cover near the edges

  • Finally make sure there are no gaps anywhere around the cover

Khumo Print paper jam

First, open the paper roll cover (by pressing it open from the front -> arrows to guide you).

Check the paper roll for the following problems:

  • Make sure there is still paper on the paper roll

  • Make sure the paper is straight and facing the correct direction

  • Make sure to pull the paper at least 2cm over the [teeth / cover] so that when you clip the paper roll cover down at least 2cm is sticking out

  • Make sure the paper is the right size

  • Close the cover when you are done checking the roll (make sure when you clip the paper roll cover down at least 2cm of paper is sticking out)

  • When you tear the paper off the roll, make sure to tear it left to right, or right to left

Please try again.

Chip card payments keep failing

If your Yoco card machine isn't reading chip cards, here are some troubleshooting tips that might help fix the problem:

Step 1: Is the card being entered into the machine correctly?

Please make sure you're entering the card into the machine the correct way around. The card should be facing up, numbers visible with the chip inside the card machine, as illustrated below:

Step 2: Retry the transaction with a different card.

If you're definitely entering the card correctly and the machine is still not reading chip cards, please retry the transaction with a different card. The chips on cards wear down with constant use and can also get damaged.

Step 3: Check that there's nothing stuck inside.

If a new card is also not working, please take a torch or bright light, and look inside of the machine’s card slot, to see if there is anything stuck inside.

IMPORTANT: Card machines carried loose in bags can get paper, tissue, or tiny objects stuck inside of them. If there seems to be something inside the card slot, please try to remove it very gently.

If you've tried a new card, and nothing is stuck inside the machine’s slot, and it's still not working, please contact our support team.

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