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Yoco Khumo Print: User Guide Basics
Yoco Khumo Print: User Guide Basics
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Getting Started

Switching on your Khumo Print

Press the power button firmly for 5 seconds to turn on your Yoco Khumo Print. It connects to 4G automatically, and will install any necessary updates. You can also connect to WiFi, if you prefer.

Linking with your Yoco Profile

Your device is already linked to your business if you purchased it online, and there'll be an automatic login. You should then be able to transact right away.

If you got your Yoco Khumo from a retail store, you'll need to first sign up with Yoco to create your profile (here). Next, add your card machine to your profile in the Yoco Web App (here) using the Khumo's serial number on the back.

Your Business Details

Your business details are not stored on the card machine because this is sensitive information. It can only be accessed via the Yoco Web App here.

Making Sales

Transacting with your Khumo Print

image 2 .png

To help you get comfortable with your new card machine, you can process a test transaction on your Yoco Khumo Print. Enter an amount of R15.00 and press the charge button.

Tap, swipe or insert your card to complete the transaction. Ka-ching! Congrats!

The Tap to pay feature is conveniently located at the top of the Khumo Print, so your customers can tap their card to process an NFC transaction. To use the chip, insert the card on the side of the Khumo; to swipe, use the slit at the top.

Printing receipts using your Khumo Print

Your Khumo Print is set up to always ask your customers if they’d like to print their receipt, or receive it digitally rather.

To change your settings so receipts are automatically printed instead, go to ‘Menu’ and select ‘Printer settings’. Once a transaction is approved, you can print as many receipts as you need, or reprint any time directly from your sales history.

Changing the paper roll

The Yoco Khumo Print uses a 40mm thermal paper roll. It’s a standard sized paper roll, and can be found at many stationary shops or online stores.

Gently squeeze on the tabs on either side of the top of the Khumo to release the printer cover. Place the paper roll properly inside the printer casing, making sure to feed it through the printer the right way around. Click the printer cover back in place.

Add Sales Notes

Once you’ve selected the home screen to make a sale, you’ll have the option to select "Add note".

image 5 .png

Add Tips

Enabling the tipping feature allows you to add a tip to a bill, based either on a percentage of the total or add a fixed Rand value. Tips are activated on the Khumo as follows:

To activate tips: go to ‘Tools’ >> ‘Payment Settings’ >> Turn ‘Ask for Tips’ On. Now your customer will be able to choose whether they’d like to add a % amount to the bill, or a custom tip amount:

image 12 .png

Sending Receipts

Once you’ve selected the home screen to make a sale, you’ll have the option to Select ‘Receipt’:

image 6 .png

From the dropdown menu, select ‘Print’ or ‘Send’:

next image .png

Enter your customer’s email address or mobile number and select ‘Send Receipt’:

send receipt.png
print receipts .png

Managing Sales

Using the Sales History

To access your sales history, select the "History" tab at the bottom of the navigation bar. Here you’ll find all your sales, by date:

image 13 .png


In order to process a refund, you’ll need to access your transaction history and select which sale needs to be refunded. It’ll open up the following page, where you’ll select ‘Refund’:

image 14 .png

You’ll then have the option to choose a reason for the refund, and enter your customer’s email or mobile number:

image 15.png

Before they can be approved, refunds require a password:

Enter password.png
refund reguested .png

In order to print a refund receipt for the customer you can go to ‘Sales History >> Receipt >> Print'

Find out more about how refunds work here.

Managing your Khumo

Charging your Khumo Print

The Khumo Print has a powerful battery, and comes with a USB cable and wall plug for charging. The USB cable also works with any standard cell phone wall plug. A fully charged battery should last a whole day of transacting.

How long does it take to charge the Khumo Print?

The Khumo Print fully charges in 2 hours.

When not in use for a long time, you'll need to turn off the Khumo to save the battery. To power off, press the power button for 2 seconds and then tap on ‘Power off’.

For safety, please lock your Khumo Print when you’re not busy transacting, by pressing the "Power" button..

Image 18 .png

Khumo SIM cards

The Khumo Print has 2 SIM slots, with a SIM card inserted in each:one Vodacom SIM card and one MTN SIM card. Both SIMs are always active, and the signal strength of each network is displayed in the top right corner of your Khumo screen.

The first signal icon is for MTN, and the second is for Vodacom. The Khumo comes already connected to MTN, but you can easily switch over to Vodacom in your ’Settings’ menu in the top left corner. The SIMs are locked to your Khumo, so they won't work if removed from the card machine.

connection settings .png

Network Settings - Switch network or WiFi

The Khumo Print comes with access to fast 4G Vodacom and MTN networks anywhere in South Africa. To check the network setting on your Khumo Print, and select which network you'd like to use, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the ’Settings’ menu in the top left corner of the home screen.

  2. Select ‘Connection’ (the first option).

  3. Select ‘Mobile Data’:Both SIM cards will appear on your screen, and you'll see that both are active. If one network in your area has better signal than the other, you can switch to the strongest by selecting it. This will disconnect the other network, and then connect to your preferred cellular provider.

  4. You can transact anywhere in the country, with unlimited 4G data and a very strong connection.

settinfs .png

You can also use WiFi to transact instead, with these easy steps:

  1. Tap on the ’Settings’ menu in the top left corner of the home screen.

  2. Select ‘Connection’ (the first option).

  3. Select ‘WiFi’

  4. You'll enter your WiFi password and connect to your WiFi network. All transactions will then be processed over WiFi. This is usually the preferred option when transacting in an area with limited cellular reception.

settinfs .png

Help for Khumo

You can find all relevant Yoco Help Centre articles and useful guides, by selecting ‘HELP’ in the top right of your Khumo Print screen. We also have a direct ‘CHAT’ feature on the bottom right, for urgent or personalised support.

Get troubleshooting tips for Khumo here.

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