Customise your Yoco receipts
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Make your receipts your own by adding your contact details, slogan, trading hours, social media handles, logo, and more.

Step 1: Update your business details

Log in to your Business Portal and select Business Settings. Here, you can edit or update your trading name, VAT number, default VAT % charge, phone number, and trading address.

Step 2: Polish your professional receipts

Find and select Receipt Configuration on the left hand menu.

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Receipt details:

You can customise and use whichever of these options suits your needs - they're all optional extras to help you take advantage of the free advertising space and professional edge.

  1. Upload your logo in any image format from your device, and make sure it's displayed properly.

  2. Choose your Receipt Type (Receipt or Tax Invoice) - Both will still show a VAT breakdown, but will have different headings.

  3. Add your Company Slogan - usually just one short sentence to describe your business' essence. It could also be your name, or anything else that you'd like to tell your customers in a short line.

  4. Enter a Receipt Footer - this can be absolutely anything and you have a little more room to work with: from opening hours, delivery details, latest specials and discounts, to extra contact details. You can update this as often as you like!

  5. Show your phone number? Choose whether or not you'd like your profile phone number to be shown on your receipts. It's automatically turned on, so if you don't want this, just click on the green toggle button.

    Yoco Neo Touch Get Ready To Sell Show Your Number

  6. Social Media Handles: Add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles to boost your social traffic.

Step 3: Preview your receipt

Make sure you're happy by taking a look at the final product!

Now that your receipt is customised, and looking pretty good, it's time to start sending them out to customers!

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