Your reports: Payouts & Invoices
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Viewing your payouts

You can access a full detailed list of your Yoco payouts via the Business Portal.

For your detailed Yoco payouts:

  1. Log in to the Business Portal, click on Sales And Refunds, and then Payouts.

  2. The following information is then displayed:

    1. BALANCE - This is the current balance of your payouts, which includes all your Yoco card payments you've made (minus any refunds, reversals, and Yoco fees applicable) since the last time a payout was processed for your profile.

      Note: It may take a few days for a reversal to be reflected in your balance.

    2. PROCESSING - This is the amount that’s being processed for your next payout.

    3. LAST PAYOUT - This is the amount that was last paid out to you.

  3. If you'd like to view payouts for a specific period, you'll find a date picker to the right of the screen, by Payout History.

  4. If you'd like to export the payouts that you've filtered, select the Export button to export to a .csv file of your payouts.

IMPORTANT: Yoco pays all funds transacted before midnight into your account on the following business day. As this is paid via EFT, please allow 24 - 48 hours for the funds to reflect in your bank account.

FIND OUT more about our payout schedule here.

Viewing your invoices

  1. Log in to the Business Portal, click on Sales And Refunds, and then Invoices.

  2. View a full list of your invoices.

  3. If you'd like to download an invoice, click on the .pdf file in the DOWNLOAD column.

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Exporting your payout reports

You can export all your payouts from your Business Portal into CSV. In most cases, you can simply double click the CSV to open it in Excel.

Step 1: Go check out your payouts

  1. Log in to your Business Portal.

  2. Navigate to the "Sales and Refunds" section.

  3. In the "Sales and Refunds" section, click on "Payouts."

  4. You'll see a list of your recent payouts in the "Payout History."

Step 2: Choose the payout to download

Select the specific payout you want to export, by clicking on it. You'll then be directed to the payout details page.

Step 3: Export the payout records

  1. On the bottom of the payout details page, you'll find an "Export" button.

  2. Click on it to start the export process.

  3. The system will generate a CSV file containing the payment records for the payout.

If the columns don't display correctly, then you'll need to follow the these steps:

  1. Select File, then Import.

  2. Select CSV File.

  3. Ensure that Delimited is selected and not Fixed width. Select Next.

  4. Make sure that Semicolon is selected.

  5. Select Finish. If you're asked where to insert the data, select New sheet.

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