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πŸ€“ Keeping you clued in on everything going on with Yoco and your business is always our top priority!


πŸ“‘Monthly Statement/Invoice: We'll email you a monthly statement with all your payouts, fees, transactions and Capital repayments recorded for your reports and reference. You can view and download all your monthly invoices from the Portal here.

πŸ“ˆSales Reports: Get a regular summary of all your Yoco transactions for easy reference and recon. You can choose whether you want to receive them daily, weekly or monthly here.

πŸ›° Payment Notifications for Online Payments: Every time a Yoco Link, Gateway, Voucher, Payments Page or Invoice payment is made, you'll get notified via email.

πŸ’°Capital Offer Notifications: See if you have a Yoco Capital offer here. If you haven't been given a Capital Offer, select the "Let me know" button on your Capital page, and we'll call you as soon as you qualify for an offer.

There are four sub-sections in Email Notifications:

Send me this report - Here you can set your report to daily, weekly or monthly.
​Send others this report - Here you can set your staff members/other receivers notifications e.g. your accountant
​Add another person (Send to a staff member) - Here you can select an invited staff member to receive the report
​Add another person (Email) - Here you can add a new email address to receive the report e.g. your accountant

Sales Report

The Sales Report will show you a breakdown of your Sales for the time period select.

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Yoco Tax Invoice

Your monthly Yoco Tax Invoice can be emailed monthly and will show you the following:

  • A breakdown of the payouts made

  • The fees incurred on each payout

  • The VAT paid for each payout

  • The total VAT paid for the month


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