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We’ve recently released the new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the old Business Portal to manage your profile, get the original guide here.

The Yoco card machines linked to your business profile are assigned to you, and can only be paired with another Yoco device to make sales on your profile (like with the Yoco POS or other software) when it's allocated to your profile. If you bought your card machines from us, on the Yoco website, POS App or Web App, it'll automatically be assigned to your profile when it arrives.

View your card machines from the Yoco Web App

Log in to the Yoco Web App, visit your business profile page by selecting your business logo or name, and navigate to the Card machines tile. If you have linked card machines to your business, they will appear in a list here.

Add a Yoco card machine

To add a new card machine to your business simply click the Add card machine button and enter the card machine serial number when prompted to do so.

Learn more about transferring a linked card machine to another profile here.

Buy a Yoco card machine

When you're ready to get your next Yoco card machine, simply grab it for free delivery in 3 business days, straight from your Yoco Web App here. Simply click on the Buy card machine button, and you'll be presented with a carousel of our latest in-person payments innovations. And when your new baby arrives, it'll already be allocated to your Yoco business profile so you can simply switch it on, log in and start selling.

Nickname your card machine(s)

💡 Ditch keeping track of tricky serial numbers, and give your Yoco card machines their own unique names to help remember where/how they're used.

To add a nickname to your card machine, find the relevant card machine in your profile card machines list and click on it.

Click on the Edit nickname button with the pencil icon, and enter a name relevant and specific to your business, of your choice that will help you identify your card machine best from a list of consolidated sales.

Remove a Yoco card machine

To remove a card machine from your profile, either because it's been replaced, upgraded, sold to another business, or even stolen, simply select the card machine you'd like to remove from your profile card machines page.

Click on the Remove card machine button with the little red trash can icon, and confirm.

💡 The card machine is now ready to be used by another business, or is no longer a possible profile security risk when it's lying unused and vulnerable to theft or misuse.

Find out what to do if your card machine has been lost or stolen here.

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