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Troubleshooting FAQs
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Struggling with network?

Yoco Neo Touch

The Yoco Neo comes with a powerful SIM that connects to unlimited 4G networks. If you're struggling to connect with your SIM, try switching to WiFi.

How to switch to WiFi

  1. Go to the Neo Touch home screen.

  2. Tap on the cog settings icon in the top left of the screen.

  3. Connect to WiFi.

Yoco Khumo and Print

Which network/SIM is my Khumo on?

This machine has 2 SIM slots with a SIM card inserted in each slot. There is 1 Vodacom SIM card and 1 MTN SIM card. Both SIM cards are active at all times and the signal strength of each network will be visible on the top right corner. The first signal icon is the MTN signal strength and the second one is for Vodacom. The Khumo comes set up automatically on MTN but if a merchant wishes they can switch seamlessly over to Vodacom by going to the settings menu which is accessible on the top left corner of the app.

Khumo_Network Settings_1.jpg

Khumo not connecting to WiFi

If your Khumo or Khumo Print is unable to connect to the Wifi, you will need to perform a reboot by holding down the power button for 20 seconds. If this does not work, you may need to troubleshoot your Wifi router connection.

Khumo not connecting to mobile networks (SIM)

If you are unable to connect to a network with your Khumo or Khumo Print, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Try and switch to alternative network (Vodacom to MTN or vice versa)

Step 2: If you are unable to connect with either Vodacom or MTN, please check if you have network coverage in your area

Check these network coverage maps for your area:

Step 3: If your network coverage is poor, you will need to switch over to WiFi instead.

Khumo says "Searching for 4G network"

If you see "Searching for 4G networks..." on your Khumo device, you'll need to click on "Network connection settings" below the error message.

Then select either the MTN or Vodacom SIM card with the best connection, or WiFi if you have access to it.

Khumo network settings

The Khumo comes with access to fast 4G Vodacom and MTN networks anywhere in South Africa. To check the network setting on your Khumo, and select which network you'd like to use, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the settings menu on the top left corner of the home tab.

  2. Tap 'Connection' (the first option).

  3. Tap 'Mobile Data' - Both SIM cards will appear on your screen, and you'll see that both are active. If one network in your area has better signal than the other, you can switch to the strongest by selecting it. This will disconnect the other network, and then connect to your preferred cellular provider.

  4. You can transact anywhere in the country, with unlimited 4G data and a very strong connection.

Khumo_Network Settings_1.jpg

You can also use WiFi to transact instead, with these easy steps:

  1. Tap on the settings menu on the top left corner of the home tab.

  2. Tap 'Connection' (the first option).

  3. Tap 'WiFi'

  4. You'll enter your WiFi password and connect to your network. All transactions will then be processed over WiFi. This is usually the preferred option when transacting in an area with limited cellular reception.

Khumo_Network Settings_2.jpg

Why was the payment declined?

It can be really frustrating when a payment fails. Here's a summary of some of the most common reasons why transactions go awry.

Did your card machine get disconnected?

The Yoco Neo Touch and Khumo card machines need to stay connected to the internet when you're accepting and processing a payment. If the connection is lost, it can cause the payment to fail.

💡If you're using your card machine's SIM to connect to a mobile network, try switching to WiFi and retry the payment. If your WiFi is unstable, try switching to your mobile network instead. You can restart your card machine to reset its mobile network connection.

How stable is your internet connection?

For Yoco to process a payment, we need your phone/tablet to have a stable internet connection. If you're using WiFi, try changing to data.

Check out the guide to checking your internet here.

Did you or your customer abort the payment?

A payment gets canceled/aborted when any of the below happens. (Simply retry the payment):

  • The Cancel button is tapped on the screen.

  • The Red X button is pressed on the card machine.

  • The Yoco App is closed or minimised.

  • The customer takes too long to present their card.

It says that the payment got declined

If the payment got declined, this often means that there was something wrong with your customer's card and the solution is usually to ask the customer to try a different one.

A payment can get declined for any of these reasons:

  • There are insufficient funds on the card.

  • The card has been reported as lost or stolen.

  • The customer has reached their monthly account limit on the card.

  • Yoco does not support the type of card the customer is using.

  • The card is expired.

Find out more about which cards Yoco accepts here.

The payment failed but my customer still got a bank SMS

In some cases, a card transaction will fail but the customer will still receive an SMS notification saying that their bank account was debited. This does not mean the transaction was successful. This can happen because some banks send the SMS once they have received a request to deduct the funds, before the transaction has been finalised. The transaction can still fail in the final step, resulting in an error even though the customer has been sent an SMS.

The SMS notifications one receives when doing a transaction are determined by one's bank.

If you or your customer didn't get an SMS notification from the bank, it could be for any of these reasons:

  • That particular bank account doesn't qualify for SMS notifications.

  • That particular bank account only gets SMS notifications for payments above a certain amount.

  • The bank's SMS system may be temporarily down.

  • Some banks only send SMS notifications for transactions that exceed R100, for example, FNB. See FNB's inContact terms here.

If you're concerned about not receiving SMSs for your transactions, please contact the bank concerned.

Check your payment status is 'approved' in your sales history - here's how.

Need help understanding and handling the "Reserved for purchase" SMS from banks? Find out more here.

IMPORTANT: If your payments continue to fail or you are getting an error message that isn't explained in this article, please get in touch with Yoco Support.

Why did the refund fail?

💡Refund timing can be tricky

  • Debit card payments can only be refunded on the same day as the original payment.

  • If you do the refund on the same day as the payment and before 7pm, then the refund will be instant.

  • If you do the refund after 7pm, or on the next day, your customer will receive their money within 5-7 working days.

It says refund pending?

This means you don't have enough money in your Yoco balance to refund the amount (yet). As soon as you've made enough sales to cover the balance, the refund will be processed. If this happens on the same day as the original payment and before 7pm, the refund will be instant. Otherwise it can take 5-7 working days to land in your customer's account. Find out more about your Yoco balance here.

Refund failed?

Refunds, like normal transactions, are dependant on the cardholder’s bank accepting and processing it. There are many reasons why refunds could fail. Here are some of the most common examples:

  • The bank card used to pay for the original transaction doesn't allow for refunds. (This is more common with debit and international cards.)

  • The bank account linked to the bank card used doesn't allow for refunds.

  • The bank account/card used has been stopped/frozen.

  • The original transaction has already been refunded.

  • The original transaction was never approved.

  • The original transaction is older than 90 days.

Why do payments fail authorisation?

When card payments fail authorisation, this means that something went wrong in verifying and validating the transaction. This could happen because of many possible scenarios:

  • The cardholder entered their PIN incorrectly

  • Card has expired

  • Card has been blocked (lost, stolen or frozen)

  • The cardholder's bank has flagged the transaction as suspicious or risky

  • The account linked to the card has insufficient funds to process the transaction

  • Banking systems communications failures

Getting an error message

Payment declined

Why? There's an issue with the customer's bank card or account.

What to do: Your customer will need to use a different card, or contact their bank.

Payment cancelled

Why? Either your customer or the person taking the payment, cancelled the sale.

What to do: Try again, and make sure that nobody cancels the payment.

Internet connection lost

Why? You can't process payments without being connected to the internet throughout.

What to do: Switch to WiFi or your SIM network, and try again.

Unauthorised payment

Why? The customer's bank refused access to the account.

What to do: Your customer can try again, or with another card, or contact their bank.

Payment timed out

Why? It's a security risk if your payments are left open for more than 2 minutes.

What to do: Try again, and make sure that when you press 'Charge' your customer is ready to tap or insert their card.

Receipt couldn't send

Why? Yoco can't send your customers their receipts, without a network/internet connection.

What to do: Switch to WiFi or your SIM network, and try again. You can also use your History to re-send any of your past receipts (for free), anytime - or try it on the Yoco App instead.

Refund failed

Why? Processing a refund requires the same network/internet connection as payments do.

What to do: Switch to WiFi or your SIM network, and try again. You can also try refunding from the Yoco App instead.

Refund PIN error

Why? For your security, we'll only ever send a refund PIN to the mobile number linked to the Yoco profile owner.

What to do: Confirm your profile's mobile number or update it, from the Yoco App.

Struggling to view your sales history?

Yoco Neo Touch

Press "History" to see all your sales details, cash or card. This will show all the sales made on this card machine only.

Find out more about managing your payments on the Neo Touch here.

💡If your Neo Touch is struggling to load its sales history, check your connection settings - and try switching networks or WiFi.

Yoco Khumo and Print

To access your sales history, select the "History" tab at the bottom of the navigation bar on your Yoco Khumo or Khumo Print. Here you will find all sales that have been made on that card machine, by date.

💡If your Yoco Khumo is struggling to load its sales history, check your connection settings - and try switching networks or WiFi.

Yoco App

You can view all your Yoco sales anytime, straight from the Yoco App. If you're struggling to see your sales on your card machine, the App is always live.

To get a thorough overview of your sales history - and gain some amazing insights - log in to your Yoco profile via the Yoco Web App, visit the Sales tab and click on the Sales History widget. You'll be presented with a detailed table of your sales.

Your sales history allows you to view the following, based on date ranges that you will set:

  • Sales by payment method

  • Sales by products

  • Sales by staff

  • Sales by status

💡 Note: All of your Yoco sales will appear in your sales history.

The sales history table provides information at a glance including time, payment method, status, notes and the amount of the sale.

Find out more about using your Yoco App Sales reports here.

Battery or charging issues?

Yoco Neo Touch

Battery and charging

The Neo Touch docking station needs to remain plugged in, and is the best home for your card machine when not in use - especially overnight or between shifts. This way, it'll always be charged and ready to go.

Battery and charging - charging ports

You'll get a standard 5V/1A wall plug and cable with which to charge your Neo Touch, which can also be inserted into the back of the docking station for all-day charging.

IMPORTANT: Your Neo Touch card machine should be handled with care, as it's a security-sensitive electronic device, enhanced with tamper-proof technology for your safety.

Neo Touch Care Tips

  1. Keep cool, clean and dry.

  2. Keep dust-free by wiping down regularly with a dry, soft cloth.

  3. Clean with a damp (not wet!), soft cloth with a little soap and water.

  4. Not waterproof - don't allow moisture into the internal components.

  5. Don't spray or pour any liquids directly onto the device.

  6. Use antibacterial wipes to clean/sanitise. Air dry for 2-3 minutes.

  7. Don't use bleach, solvents, detergents or abrasive cleaning agents.

  8. Don't expose to direct sun for long periods of time.

  9. Don't use in areas with high radiant heat, dust, humidity, moisture.

  10. Don't try to force open - it'll cause permanent 'system tampered' mode.

  11. Don't throw, drop, or stand on your device.

  12. Don't charge during electrical storms.

Get more details about Yoco's card machine policies here.

Yoco Khumo and Print

Trouble powering up/down

Powering with the incorrect button(s)?

If you accidentally hold down both volume buttons while trying to power up, you'll get stuck on the screen below. Press and hold the power button (only the power button) for 20 seconds.

Khumo_Beta Screens_2.jpg

Khumo keeps switching off?

The factory default setting for the Khumo is to auto shutdown after 1 hour of total inactivity. If you plug your Khumo in to a power source or interact with it so that the screen comes on, it resets that timer.

However, if you'd like to change those settings, it's super simple:

  1. On your Khumo, go to "Settings", then "Device Settings" and "Auto shutdown".

  2. Here, you can choose which time period you'd prefer (or switch off auto shutdown).

Khumo is stuck on “Let’s Get You Paid”

You'll need to perform a restart of your Khumo by holding down the power button (you can find this on the right side below volume button) for 2 seconds and then select Restart from the pop up menu.

If the restart doesn't resolve the issue, please contact support via our live chat if you are receiving this error as they will need to do a few internal checks for you.

Charging your Khumo

The Khumo has a powerful battery, and comes with a USB cable and wall plug for charging. The USB cable also works with any standard cellphone wall plug. A fully charged battery should last a whole day of transacting.

How long does it take to charge the Khumo?

  • 20 mins to 20%

  • 60 mins to 70%

  • Fully charged in 2 hours

When not in use for a long time, you'll need to turn off the Khumo to save the battery. To power off, press the power button for 2 seconds and then click on Power off.

Please make sure to lock your Khumo screen when not transacting by pressing the "Power" button to avoid any unintended transactions.

Khumo_Restart your device.jpg

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