Your Customers and Yoco
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In the Yoco Web App, you're able to create a database of your customers. At present, the customer functionality is limited to use within Yoco Invoices, but will be rolled out to other products soon! 🎉

To find your saved list of customers, add a new customer or edit an existing customer, navigate to the Manage tab and click on the Customers tile/widget.

If you have no customers in your list, you'll be prompted to add a new customer. If you have customers in your list already, the list will appear here.

Each time you send a Yoco Invoice to a new customer, we’ll automatically save their invoicing details for future convenience.

Manage your Customers List

You can view, add, or edit all your Customers in the Yoco Web App here or go to the Manage tab in the left hand menu, and select the Customers tile.

Here, you'll be presented with a list of all your previously saved customers.

Add a new customer

You can easily save a new customer's details by selecting the + New customer button at the top right of the screen.

💡 Note: When adding a new customer, you must add at least their phone number or their email address to proceed (you can add both to make your customer database more rich and useful over time). You can also optionally add their physical address, company name or VAT number at this stage.

Complete the process by clicking the Add customer button at the bottom of this screen.

Edit a customer's details

To edit the details of an existing customer, select the customer you wish to edit and a new screen will open, showing you the customer’s information.

Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of this screen and you'll be able to edit the following information:

  • Customer name

  • Contact details (phone number and email)

  • Physical address

  • Company name

  • Vat number

💡 You can also delete a customer from this screen by clicking on the Delete customer button at the bottom of the screen.

Search for your Customer

You can use the search bar in your Customers list page to search for a specific customer. If you've entered the customer’s name correctly, the list will filter to show only that specific customer.

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