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How do I get a Yoco card machine?
Updated over a week ago

We’ve recently released the new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the original Business Portal to manage your profile, get the steps here.

Buy a Yoco card machine

It’s really easy and affordable to get a Yoco card machine, no matter how big or small your business is. Here are all the different ways you can get your hands on the future of payments.

Buy a card machine from the Yoco website

Go to our web shop here to check out all Yoco’s innovative game-changers and take your pick. You can make payment online with your debit or credit card, or use instant EFT or Apple Pay. Our courier partners CCD will reach out to schedule the delivery (more below).

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Don’t forget to sign up if you don’t already have a Yoco profile. ✨

Buy a card machine during your Yoco Signup

In order to use your Yoco card machine, you’ll need to sign up with Yoco. You’ll be able to select and purchase your preferred Yoco card machine during the signup process, if you haven’t already bought one from our website. 😉

What you’ll need to sign up

  1. South African bank account details (cheque, current or transactional savings account).

  2. Valid South African ID or passport (international documents must have a work visa, which must be current and valid).

  3. South African CIPC number (if you’re signing up a registered company).

Depending on your business structure, you may have to submit extra verification documents - check our verification guide here.

Profile verification for payouts

After we’ve completed a basic check of your identity and banking details, your Yoco profile will be activated for payouts. Want to know more about what our profile verification entails? Click here for more info.

Buy a card machine from your Yoco Web App

If you’ve already signed up with Yoco and created your profile, you can get your card machine straight from the Yoco Web App too!

Go to your Business Settings in the Yoco Web App, by selecting your business name from the menu on the left of the screen (right at the top). Then, click on the Card machines tile, and select the Buy card machine button. You'll then have the option to buy your next Yoco card machine to be delivered for free, within 3 business days.


If you got your card machine from Yoco online, your card machine will be delivered to your door within 2-3 days, free of charge through our delivery partner CCD Couriers.

CCD couriers will contact you via email to arrange a time slot for delivery, from Monday to Friday between 08h00 - 17h00.

Click on the link in your email from CCD to go to the CCD website and verify yourself using your phone number, where you can schedule your delivery window or time slot. If you want to change your delivery details for any reason, you can do so here too.

If you need your card machine faster, you can order it through UberEats - in Gauteng (within a 10km radius of Rosebank) and Cape Town (within a 10km radius of CBD):

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Check if it’s available in your area by logging into your Uber Eats App and searching for Yoco. Click here for more info.

Buy a Yoco card machine from a retail outlet

Please note you will still need to sign up online (make sure to select I have my card machine already when signing up).

You can also buy a Yoco card machine (and take it home right away) from any of these outlets:

Please contact your nearest branch before making the trip, as independent supply may be limited and pricing of specials may vary.

Get a Yoco card machine second hand or from a private seller

Whether you're selling your Yoco card machine or have purchased one second-hand, the card machine will need to be removed from the original owner's Yoco profile, to make it available to be assigned to the new owner. Please see the steps here.

Yoco card machines make it simpler than ever to start, run, and grow your business. Join hundreds of thousands of small business owners in South Africa using Yoco to get paid every day, with card machines and online payments made simple.

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