Yoco Gateway for Wix: User Guide
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What Yoco integration gives you

Yoco’s Gateway for Wix is easy to use and install, and gives your customers a great webshop payment experience with:

Easy, flexible payments

Popular payment methods: Installing Yoco’s plugin in your webshop immediately gives you access to a number of popular payment methods. Currently for Wix sites, we offer Instant EFT, and debit and credit cards, but there are a handful of new alternative payment methods coming soon, so watch this space!

A simple fee structure

Transparent Yoco fees that shrink as you grow: Pay a small percentage on each transaction. No lock-in contracts. No setup fee. Learn more about how our fees go down as your sales go up, and never increase again - check out our sliding fee structure here.

Oh so convenient

Easy integration: In your Wix back office, go to the ‘Settings’ page and install Yoco with a few clicks. That’s all it takes to get up and running.

User friendly dashboard: Keep track of your orders and payments in real-time with your Yoco Dashboard.

Dedicated and Comprehensive Support: We have several support channels to help you, in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Get started with Yoco for Wix:

Try Yoco for Wix for free. No-trap in contracts. No hidden fees.

How do I activate Yoco payments for my Wix website?

To receive payments with Yoco, you need a Yoco profile. Please continue to Step 2 if you’re already part of our community.

Step 2: Install Yoco for Wix on your website

  1. In the sidebar menu of your Wix dashboard, go to ‘Settings > Accept Payments’.

  2. Check your country at the top right corner of the box.

  3. Open the drop-down menu to select your business location.

  4. Click 'See More Payment Options' on the bottom left.

  5. Select ‘Connect’’.

rtaImage (4).png

7. Enter your Yoco API Keys on the setup page — For more on using API Keys check out this article. Find your unique Yoco API keys in the ‘Sell Online >Payment Gateway’ section in your Yoco Portal.

8. Click ‘Connect’.

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 12.41.09 (2).png

Step 3: Do a test transaction to make sure you’re all set

Although not required, we recommend that you test that the integration is working smoothly end-to-end by processing a small amount for payment – no less than R2.00 (ZAR). This gives you peace of mind that everything is running as expected.

Instant EFT for Wix

Instant EFT gives online customers access to their internet banking to make an Electronic Funds Transfer that gets instantly verified. Instant EFT through Yoco is integrated with major banks in South Africa enabling access for 95%+ of users.

Find out more about Yoco Instant EFT here.

Apple Pay for Wix

Apple Pay is a secure and seamless online payment method with Yoco. Apple Pay is a popular digital wallet that enables your customers to make fast and secure payments, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing your conversion rates. Find out more here.


When customer transactions are successfully completed, you and your customers will each receive payment confirmation emails. All payments information can be viewed on your Yoco Portal under ‘Sales and Refunds > History’. Find out more here.

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