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SIM Deactivation: FAQs
SIM Deactivation: FAQs
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What can I do to stop my SIM deactivation?

You’ll have 14 days after being notified, in which you can keep your SIM(s) active by simply processing a sale on any one of your Yoco card machines.

💡 Remember, you can process a Yoco sale from as little as R2 to keep your SIM(s) active.

Why was my SIM flagged for deactivation?

If your card machine’s SIM has been flagged for deactivation, this is because we noticed that you haven’t taken payments with Yoco in (at least) 3 months.

How will I know what’s going on with this process?

Keeping you in the loop on what’s happening, and clued in on all your options is our top priority. That’s why we’ll have emailed you (at the admin email address linked to your Yoco profile), and sent you a WhatsApp message (on the mobile number linked to your Yoco profile) at the beginning of the deactivation process. We’ll even send you a mid-month reminder and extra details on how to reactivate.

How can I connect and take payments once my SIM has been deactivated?

If you’re using a Yoco Neo Touch, Khumo or Khumo Print, you can always connect to the internet over WiFi. Bluetooth card machines like the Yoco Go and Neo Plus can be connected to a network when paired.

I have more than one card machine with a SIM flagged for deactivation - can I ask that only one of my SIMs stays active (as a backup) and you can deactivate the rest?

Of course! Please reach out to Support, and we’ll gladly make the special arrangements to set that up for you.

How do I get a new SIM later? Will I have to pay for it?

You can always get a FREE replacement SIM delivered by contacting Yoco Support. This offer never expires. Should your business needs or habits change in future, you can always get new SIMs (FREE) when the time comes.

💡 Note: The data on your SIMs can only be used with your Yoco card machine(s), it's not possible to create a hotspot, and the SIMs won't work in another device.

How long does it take to get a new SIM card?

After ordering your new SIM with Yoco Support, our couriers (CCD) will reach out to arrange delivery at a time that suits you in 3 business days.

Find out more about how our deliveries work here.

Why is Yoco deactivating unused SIM cards?

We appreciate that since many of our card machines allow for multiple ways to connect, not all SIM cards are needed or being used (ever). By cutting down on data wastage, we can better reallocate those resources to supporting our actively trading customers, and enhancing the overall Yoco customer experience.

However, our SIM deactivations are NEVER intended to take functionality away from our active customers. You’ll be notified throughout the process about your options, and can simple process a sale on any of your Yoco card machines to keep your SIM(s) active.

You can also get a FREE replacement SIM delivered at any time after your original SIM has been deactivated. This offer never expires. Should your business needs or habits change in future, you can always get new SIMs (for free) when the time comes.

I thought the data is unlimited?

Yes, this is included in our Terms in the case of prolonged inactivity (longer than 3 months). You can read more about this in the relevant SIM and/or card machine policies on our website here. We’ve been careful to communicate proactively about SIM deactivations, and to give our customers with future plans for activity ample opportunities to keep their SIM(s) active. Notwithstanding, free SIM replacements (with unlimited data) do indeed remain available, should the business start to transact in the future.

What if I want to sell my Yoco card machines later? How can I sell them without active SIM cards?

Yoco card machines that come with free SIMs, always come with free SIMs and/or SIM replacements for life. So you can still sell your Yoco card machine as before (and let the buyer know that they can also order a free SIM from Yoco anytime), or you can order a replacement SIM before making the sale. Either way, it will never cost you or the buyer anything to get a new SIM card if/when needed.

Will my SIM deactivation affect my sales history or stored data?

Nope, the deactivation won’t affect or change anything about your sales history or other stored data. Your Yoco profile will also remain the same.

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