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Yoco Balance: FAQs
Updated over a week ago

We’ve recently released the new (and improved) Yoco Web App to replace the original Yoco Business Portal!

If you haven’t yet made the switch, and are still using the old Business Portal to manage your profile, get the original Yoco Balance FAQs here.

What is my Yoco balance?

Your balance includes all the Yoco transactions you’ve made (minus fees and any refunds, chargebacks and capital repayments, if applicable) since the last time a payout was processed for your profile. You can also view all your previous payouts in detail, from the Yoco Mobile/Web App.

Where can I see my Yoco balance?

You can see your live balance from the Yoco Mobile and/or Web App here.

You’ll get a quick view of your current balance, any payouts still being processed, and your previous payout total.

👉 Don’t have the Yoco Mobile App yet? Get the free download here .

Is there a minimum balance before I get payouts?

Yes, you need to transact at least R15 with Yoco before you'll get a payout.

How do Yoco payouts work?

Yoco totals your payout amount at midnight every day, to make payment to you the next morning. After that, it can take 1-2 working days to show in your bank account, depending on your bank. Public holidays and Sundays cause a one day settlement delay because the banks are closed.

How long does it take to get my money from my Yoco sales in my bank account?

Yoco balances and pays customers out every day, but the banks can take up to 2 business days to process the EFTs. This means your payout may only reflect in your bank account up to 3 business days after the original payout was processed. We also provide an estimate of when your payout will be settled into your bank account when you view your balance from the Yoco Web App here or on the Yoco Mobile App.

Why do my payouts get delayed by public holidays and Sundays?

The banks are closed on Sundays and public holidays. So even though Yoco initiates payouts every day, the banks won’t process these payments when they’re closed. This causes a further 1 day delay in getting your money settled into your bank account.

What can I do if there’s a long weekend coming up and I need extra cash flow?

Thanks to the banks closing, it can be tough to manage cash flow at the best of times - which is why Yoco has the first Instant Payouts solution on the market! You can request to be paid out within moments for eligible amounts, 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Find out more about Instant Payouts here.

How do Yoco fees affect my available balance and payouts?

Our new Visa/Mastercard transaction fees range from 2.5% to 2.7% (ex. VAT) and American Express card fees between 3% and 3.4% (ex. VAT), depending on your monthly sales and fees package. This includes free settlement, every business day.

For online payments, our transaction fees range from 2.55% to 2.95% for Visa/Mastercard payments, and for international cards it ranges between 3% and 3.4% - depending on your turnover and fees package. Online payments incur a minimum fee of R2.26 per transaction. Instant EFT has a fixed 2% (ex VAT) fee - with same day settlement.

Get more details about how Yoco fees work here.

SARS charges 15% VAT, which is added to the fees. If you’re registered for VAT, you can claim it back from SARS.

For example, if you make a sale for R100 with a transaction fee of 2.7% ex VAT:

Yoco Fees (2.7% excl. VAT) = R2.70

SARS VAT (0.41%) = R0.40

Total Fee (3.1% incl. VAT) = R3.10

Payout/ Balance Total = R96.90

IMPORTANT: Your Yoco balance will display all your Yoco sales, minus the transaction fees.

How does a Yoco Capital plan affect my Yoco payouts and balance?

If you’ve got a Yoco Capital plan, you’ll have agreed to a repayment percentage that is automatically deducted from your daily sales. We’ll remove your Capital repayment from your live Yoco balance, so you’ll see what you’re getting in your next payout after your Capital repayment has been deducted.

Find out more about how Capital works here.

How do Instant Payouts affect my normal Yoco payouts and balance?

Instant Payouts are deducted straight from your available balance as soon as they happen. So your balance will still display what you’ll be paid out next. Your normal payouts will still be totalled as per usual, for processing at midnight every day.

💡If you know you’ll need cash flow early in the morning, request your Instant Payouts before midnight to take advantage of more available balance.

How do refunds affect my payouts and Yoco balance?

Refunds can take some time to reflect in your balance depending on processing, because we may need to rely on several different financial institutions to complete. Once processed, the refunded amount will be removed from your available balance.

Find out more about how refunds work here.

What is a chargeback? How will I know about it?

Chargebacks are legal for 18 months after the original transaction took place, and are removed from your balance.

All consumers have a right to demand that their bank reverse a transaction for certain reasons - like fraud, some disputes and merchant error. If one of your customers initiated a chargeback for a sale made with your business, we’ll have notified you via email (the address linked to your Yoco profile).

How do chargebacks affect my Yoco payouts and balance?

We’re obliged by financial regulations to honour chargeback proceedings that are legally followed by the customer’s bank; after proper investigation, we’ll have to remove the chargeback amount from your next Yoco payout in order to fulfil that repayment on your behalf. This won’t have been reflected in your balance yet.

Why wasn’t all of my balance from yesterday in today’s payout?

We monitor the flow of transactions for security. Risky or flagged transactions are still being responsibly processed for your protection, and some of the balance is therefore not available for settlement yet. Once cleared, these transactions will be included in your next payout.

Where do I find a record of all my Yoco payouts? Can I download or export it?

You can access a full detailed list of your Yoco payouts via the Yoco Mobile or Web App here - go to the Money tab and select the Payouts widget.

If you'd like to view payouts for a specific period, you'll find a date picker to the right of the screen, by Payout History. Select the ’Export' button to export to a .csv file at your convenience.

Can I get notifications for my Yoco payouts?

Because we process payouts every day, we don’t send daily notifications. However, you’ll get a monthly invoice showing all the payouts you received that month.

You can set up your email notifications from the Yoco Web App here.

How do I change my bank details for Yoco payouts?

You can update your bank account for Yoco payouts on the Yoco Web App here.

Depending on what type of business structure you’re signed up as, you may need to provide extra documentation so we can verify your account. If you edit or change your bank details, you’ll also need to resubmit any relevant documents for verifying the new details. Get details here.

I changed my bank details, but I’m still getting Yoco payouts in my old bank account?

While we verify your new bank account details, we still pay you out into your previously verified account. This is so your payouts aren’t delayed unnecessarily. Please reach out to Support if you’ve waited longer than 2 business days to get payouts in your updated account.

Find out more about how we check and verify your bank details here.

I’m still waiting for my first Yoco payout! HELP?

Your profile verification could be incomplete. Have you submitted your ID, bank account and completed your business details? It can take 48 hrs to get verified once all your details and documents have been received.

💡 You need more than R15.00 in your balance for Yoco to action payouts.

Find out more about Yoco profile setup for payouts here.

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