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Retirement of Yoco's integration with Xero
Retirement of Yoco's integration with Xero
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From 1 December 2020, the integration between Yoco and the Xero Accounting Software will be retired. This change is part of our effort and commitment to focus on the continuous improvement of products and processes which provide the most value to you and your business.

In order to support you and your business through this change, we have compiled the steps you need to take to continue using the Xero Accounting Software with Yoco.

If you are using Vend, Lightspeed or Loyverse as your Point of Sale (POS), the retirement of this integration should not affect you. This is because your POS will already be integrated with Xero, and provides the transactional feed required for your Xero accounts.

If you do not use one of the three POS systems listed above, this retirement will impact how you use Xero and Yoco going forward. We recommend using Yoco’s transaction export function with Xero’s import function. This will allow you to pull your Yoco transaction information into Xero to continue reporting as usual in your Xero account. We have outlined the exact steps below.

Using Yoco & Xero going forward

You will still be able to use Yoco with Xero but you will need to export data from the Yoco Business Portal and import it into Xero. This process is outlined below:

Step 1: Filter and Export Yoco Sales History

The first step requires you to filter the transactions you wish to import into Xero.

  1. From the menu on the left hand side of your screen, select History under Sales and Refunds.

  2. Select the correct date period, on the top right of your screen, for the transactions that you need to export.

  3. Click the Export button and select which format you would like to use: Excel or CSV.

  4. The file will be generated which you can save to your computer.

Step 2: Import Sales Data into Xero

The second step requires you to import your selected transactions into Xero.

  1. Log into your Xero Account

  2. In the Business menu, select Invoices

  3. Click Import

  4. Click Download template file

  5. Once you've downloaded the template file, you can copy and enter the invoice details from your Yoco Export file.

Don't delete any columns or change any column headings, as these are needed for the file to import. Xero recommends importing no more than 500 items in a single file.

The only required columns are ContactName and InvoiceNumber. Any other fields can be left blank and completed in Xero afterwards. If your organisation doesn't use a particular feature (eg tracking, foreign currency, or inventory) you can ignore those columns completely.

Some columns (AccountCode, TaxType, TrackingName, TrackingOption, Currency, BrandingTheme) require you to enter values exactly as they appear in Xero, otherwise the information won't be imported.

How to Import the file into Xero:

  1. Select Invoices in the Business menu and click Import.

  2. Click Browse and select your saved CSV file.

  3. Choose whether you want to update your contacts' address details or not.

  4. Choose whether the prices in the UnitAmount column are tax exclusive or tax inclusive.

  5. Click Import.

  6. Review the import message in Xero. If there are errors in the file, click Go Back, fix the errors, then import the file again. Otherwise, click Complete Import.

Need support? Follow the step-by-step process in this Xero Support Article.

If you need further support with your Xero setup please raise a support case via Xero Central.

What Point of Sale software does Xero Integrate with?

Yoco works with a number of integrated Point of Sale (POS) partners that also integrate with Xero. If you are using Vend, Lightspeed or Loyverse as your POS system integrated with Yoco and Xero, you will not be affected by the retirement. If you are affected, rather than using the manual export and import of transaction data, you can introduce one of the three integrated POS solutions above. This may come at an additional cost.

For assistance in getting set up with Vend + Xero please request a call back by filling in this form and with Lightspeed + Xero please request a call back by filling in this form.

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