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Yoco Capital: FAQs
Yoco Capital: FAQs
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Qualifying for Yoco Capital

DO I QUALIFY? Check if you have a Yoco Capital offer here.

I have Yoco, but not a Capital offer. Why not?

Yoco reviews your trading history to evaluate eligibility for Yoco Capital. There are minimum requirements to be eligible for Yoco Capital, but meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee an offer as other risk factors are considered.

How does one access Capital?

  • As the owner/ director, log in to your Yoco Portal or Yoco App with the owner/ director login credentials.

  • Yoco will automatically review whether your business is eligible for Yoco Capital, you don’t need to do “apply” or submit any information to become eligible.

  • Once your offer is available, simply access your Yoco Portal or Yoco App and select the Capital menu item to find more information.

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for Yoco Capital?

Eligible merchants will only be considered for an offer when they meet the minimum criteria, but may not be guaranteed an offer as other risk factors are also considered. The minimum eligibility criteria are below.

  1. Merchants need to have been trading for a minimum of 3 months with Yoco, and

  2. Have processed a minimum of 10 Yoco transactions over the last 90 days, and

  3. The average Minimum Yoco Card Turnover must be more than R 4000 per month.

Using Yoco Capital

Yoco Capital can be used for any operational financing for the business - renovations, stock purchases, new machinery/ equipment, training courses, expansion plans or simply pushing through a bad business period.

How long does it take for the Capital to be paid into my account?

The Capital is paid into your bank account within 1 business day.

How do I view the deductions on my current Capital plan?

Log in to the Business Portal, select Capital, where you’ll be able to view your repayments and details of your Capital Plan.

Can I pay lump sum deposits and/ or do an early settlement?

Yes. You’ll need to get in touch with Yoco Capital Support and let them know that you’d like to make a deposit or an early settlement. The banking details will be provided for the funds to be paid.

IMPORTANT: The Yoco team will also need to know when you plan to make the payment, as they’ll need to stop the deduction for that day.

Can I get another Yoco Capital offer?

Yes. You may become eligible for a top-up during the repayment of your initial advance and once you have fully repaid your initial advance, your eligibility will be assessed for a new advance.

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