Core fee pricing: FAQs
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If you joined Yoco on or after 20 November 2023, you’re on the Core pricing structure.

If you joined longer ago, check out the Original pricing here.

Core transaction fees

How does the transaction fee work?

Transaction fees are applied as a percentage of each transaction/ card payment that you process with Yoco. You only get charged these fees when you’re taking payments.

Note: By law, we must charge 15% VAT on our transaction fees. If you’re registered for VAT, you can claim this back from SARS.

For example, if you make a sale for R100 with a transaction fee of 2.7% (ex. VAT):

Yoco Fees (2.7% ex. VAT) = R2.70

SARS VAT (0.4%) = R0.40

Total Fee (3.1% incl. VAT) = R3.10

Payout Total = R96.90

How does the sliding scale work?

As your monthly turnover increases, your transaction fee drops (and never goes up again). Based on your monthly turnover, Yoco automatically readjusts and lowers your transaction rate. Once your rate has been reduced we will never increase it again.

Here’s a breakdown:

Monthly transactions using Yoco:

R0 - R100k:

  • In-person local cards at 2.7% and in-person international cards at 2.95%, AMEX at 3.4% (ex. VAT).

  • Online local cards at 2.95%, online international and AMEX at 3.4% (ex. VAT).

  • Online Yoco EFT is charged at a fixed 2% (ex VAT) fee.

R100k - R200k:

  • In-person local cards at 2.5% and in-person international cards at 2.55%, AMEX at 3% (ex. VAT).

  • Online local cards at 2.55%, online international and AMEX at 3% (ex. VAT).

  • Online Yoco EFT is charged at a fixed 2% (ex VAT) fee.

You can estimate what your transaction fee would be here, based on the amount you transact through your card machine and/or online, in a month.

If your business processes over R200 000 per month in card payments, you can request custom transaction fees here, and we'll be in touch.

Why are online fees higher?

Around the world, online transactions cost 0.5% more than card machine fees. To offset this, you can combine your card machine and online transaction totals to get even lower fees for both.

Core connectivity fee

The Core pricing package includes a R49 monthly connectivity fee, which will be charged per card machine (with a SIM) used to transact in a month. If you don’t use your card machine(s), you won’t be charged.

Why the connectivity fee?

We’ve introduced a connectivity fee to cover the SIM and other costs of connecting to our platform to transact. Our newest ranges of standalone card machines - like the Yoco Khumos and Neos - offer an unrivalled payments experience, thanks to ultra-fast WiFi and 4G with unlimited data. Yoco has introduced a modest monthly connectivity fee, in order to ensure that we keep maintaining the fast growing network of active connections in our maturing ecosystem.

We have also coupled the introduction of this new fee with a significant reduction in transaction fees, on the other hand - starting at 2.7% (ex VAT) as compared with 2.95% (ex VAT) previously. The combination of these two fundamental adjustments will better fit the needs of our core customers.

I’m a seasonal business, so will I get charged for connectivity in months that I don’t use my Yoco?

No, you’ll only get charged the connectivity fee for the months in which you transact. If you’re active in one month but not the next, we’ll carry over the cost to the following month (and so on). If you don’t transact for more than 3 months, we’ll suspend your SIM and write off any fees still owing.

What is included in the connectivity fee?

Free SIM cards for your card machines, with unlimited 4G data for all your Yoco transactions. This includes connection to our platforms and servers for processing transactions. You’ll also get free SIM replacements, if needed.

How does the connectivity fee work with my payouts?

Your first-month’s connectivity fee will be deferred to the 1st of the next month:

On the first of the month, the SIM fee will be invoiced to you, and your payout total on that day will have the R49 per card machine used deducted.

For example, if you signed up on the 15th of the November, we’ll charge R25 (15/30 * R49) on 1 December. For every subsequent month, you’ll be charged R49 (if you used the card machine to transact in that month).

Once your balance (minus connectivity fees) exceeds the minimum payout amount (R50), you’ll get your first payout of the month. After that, in the month, payouts run as usual without any connectivity fee deductions. Your invoices for transaction fees are sent at month’s end, with a combined statement including the connectivity fee adjustment.

Note: You won’t be charged the connectivity fee in months when you don’t transact.

What if I bought my device in retail?

Our new lower transaction fees with the connectivity fee, are applicable to all new customers who sign up with Yoco after 20 November 2023 - regardless of where they bought their Yoco card machine(s).

Does the connectivity fee apply to each card machine or my profile?

Each standalone (including a SIM) Yoco card machine (Yoco Khumos and Neos) used to transact in a month, will be billed R49 (inc VAT) for that month. You won’t be charged the fee for any card machines you don’t use.

What if I transact while connecting to my own WiFi only?

You’ll still be charged only for the connection on whichever card machines you used to transact.

How will the connectivity fee be reflected on my monthly Yoco statement/invoice?

The connectivity fee line item will be invoiced as an adjustment. Each card machine used in the previous calendar month, will incur an adjustment of minus R49. The total payout amount will then be shown, with the connectivity fees already removed.

Here’s an example:


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