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Yoco POS App & Business Portal: FAQs
Yoco POS App & Business Portal: FAQs
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What is the Yoco POS App?

The Yoco POS App helps you run and manage your sales from your phone or tablet, no matter where you are, in seconds. Recons are seamless, and creating sales reports are simple, with real-time insights to keep track of how your business is performing. See all your transactions in one place — whether cash, card, mobile, or online.

Do I need to download the Yoco POS App?

Yes, the Yoco POS App must first be downloaded but it's totally free and quick to install. You can sign up and complete your profile in the POS App, and take your selling to the next level.

Where can I get the Yoco POS App for download?

Or, simply go into the App Store on the device you want to use, and search for 'Yoco'.

How much data does the Yoco POS App need to download?

To download the POS App and complete your profile, you'll need access to WiFi or no more than 250MB of data.

Which devices can I use to access the Yoco POS App?

The Yoco POS App is compatible with Android 6 and iOS 12 (and above) smartphones and tablets:
​Go here for Android
​Go here for IOS
​Go here for Huawei

Minimum software requirements:

For iOS:

  • iPhone 5S (and above)

  • iPod Touch 7th Generation (and above)

  • iPad 5th Generation (and above)


  • Android 5 Lollipop (and above)

  • 800x480 screen resolution (and higher)

  • 3G/LTE internet connectivity

  • GPS

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • 512MB RAM (or more)

How do I download the Yoco POS App?

Struggling? Please note that your Android device (phone or tablet) must be running Android 4.4 or above / your Apple device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) must be running iOS 8 or later.

What can I use the Yoco POS App for?

Processing and managing your sales is an important part of your business – but it’s far from the only important thing you’re tasked with. The good news is, the Yoco POS App can help you with multiple aspects of running a business.

1. See all your transactions in one place – cash, card, mobile, or online.

Whether they’re paying by cash, card, Apple or Google Pay, or online, all your sales are consolidated and reporting together for easy recon and management.

2. Access to Instant Payout

Take control of your cash flow and get your money in minutes with Instant Payout on the Yoco POS App. Got your phone on you? Open the Yoco POS App and go to ‘View Payouts’ on the home screen. Follow the prompts to get your cash in a snap.

3. Access Yoco Capital

Yoco Capital is a fast, flexible cash advance for our customers. Eligible merchants can check for Capital offers in-app, paid back via a small percentage of future transactions.

4. Catalogue and sort multiple product types

Create your own product catalogue on the Yoco POS App, streamlining your billing and checkout as well as giving you insights into performance. Sort products by category (for example: homeware, apparel, kids etc.), by brand (Portia’s Porcelain Creations, Hannah’s Hand Knits, Kiddidinks Komforters), and by variant like size and type (small, red, velvet, etc.).

5. Keep on top of your stock and inventory

Add and manage your products, categorise them via brand and variables (like size, or flavour), to find what you need, when you need it. Set up low stock alerts from the Business Portal to keep on top of managing your inventory.

6. See your entire sales history

Keep track of your sales by viewing your entire sales history. View the details of each transaction, including the date and time, the item sold, the method of payment, and the amount of VAT paid. Here, you can also add a custom note, refund a payment, or re-send a receipt.

7. Add or manage staff

Easily add multiple staff members to the App, enabling them to perform transactions, but safeguarding sensitive info like your bank details or logins, by assigning access according to seniority. Staff require a custom PIN to access the POS App, so you don’t have to worry about data security should something happen to their phone.

8. Send receipts by email or SMS

Save paper and the planet by SMSing or emailing receipts. Or, if you want to kick it old school and print out an invoice, you can connect to your printer via Bluetooth. All from the POS App in the palm of your hand.

The Yoco online store offers a wide variety of accessories for your card machines, such as charging stands and pouches; and also hardware options for your business, like iPad and Tablet stands, cash drawers, and Bluetooth receipt printers. Visit our online store here.

9. Access live support

Help is at hand. Our (real life) support staff are standing by and ready to help you with all App-related queries via our super handy live chat feature in-app.

10. Send free Payment Links and Invoices

That’s right! Give your customers the opportunity to conveniently click to pay you (faster) online, when you create and send secure Yoco Links or professional Invoices right from the Yoco POS App, totally for free. All you pay is the standard transaction fee. I’d bet you didn’t know the Yoco POS App could get you paid too.

Which Yoco card machines integrate with the Yoco POS App?

The Yoco Neo Touch now also seamlessly integrates with Yoco POS, as the perfect countertop solution for your business. The Yoco Go and Neo (Plus) card machines are able to integrate with the Yoco POS via bluetooth. The Yoco Khumo card machines are standalone and do not process transactions by using Yoco POS (yet).

What do standalone Yoco card machines use the Yoco POS App for?

Standalone card machines, like the Yoco Khumo and Neo Touch (when used on its own), don't use the Yoco POS App as a Point of Sale (they have their own, already built-in) but it's still the home for all your profile details and where you can securely manage your business and transactions, and access tools like Instant Payouts and Yoco Capital.

What is the Yoco Business Portal?

The Portal helps you to understand all the ins and outs of your business performance, and manage the practicalities of staff access, cash flow, and collating data from multiple stores. All reports can be downloaded into Excel and CSV format, from the cloud, anywhere in the world.

Which devices can I use to access the Business Portal?

You can use any device that has internet and access to a web browser. This includes most laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

What can I use the Business Portal for?

We built the Yoco Business Portal to give you real-time analytics, accessed from anywhere, enabling you to run and manage all aspects of your business from one, centralised, cloud-based tool:

1. Get dynamic business insights

At a glance, see data including the value of your average sale, the number of new versus returning customers, your daily sales, your total sales, your top-performing staff, and (much) more. You’ll get a dynamic dashboard of key information, with live data that is simply yet powerfully organised and displayed for impactful insights and sophisticated convenience. Manage admin with features like inventory tracking and intuitive product organisation, so you can always find what you need, when you need it. Take a closer look and view sales reports at the touch of a button – broken down by number of sales, gross sales, payments, product, staff, categories, and brands.

2. Pull sales reports to do a deep dive into your sales

Pull and view sales reports broken down by number of sales, gross sales, payments, product, staff, categories, and brands. If you’re an Excel type of entrepreneur, export reports via CSV file. Easy as!

3. Send a payment link to customers via the platform of your choice

Get paid for goods or services online via our handy payment link. Simply generate one and send it to your customers via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or the social media platform of your choice. Or, customise and send professional Invoices with a nifty payment link. Say goodbye to late payments and hello to a healthy cash flow.

4. Access Yoco Capital

Yoco customers have exclusive access to Yoco Capital – a funding solution designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Yoco Capital is a lump sum (the amount of which is based on your unique business performance) that’s paid out to you in exchange for a fixed percentage of your sales. (For more details, head on over to this page.)

5. Expand your fleet of Yoco card machines

Check out all our latest offers, and buy your next card machine straight from the Business Portal here - it'll already be linked to your profile when it arrives, so you won't need to do any further setup!

6. Get help when you need it

Got a question about a recent payout? Not sure how to facilitate a refund? We’ve got you. Our support team is on standby to help you with the big and little things, so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

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