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  1. The configuration and setup (creating, editing and deleting) of products is done on the Yoco POS App or Business Portal (Check out how to add products to your store here).

  2. Products won’t automatically be activated on your Yoco Profile. Go to ‘Tools’ → ‘Manage’ → ‘Products’ to enable and start using Products, to level up your business.

  3. It’s also just as simple to deactivate Products, if you find your business doesn’t need this feature.

  4. If you have multiple Khumo devices assigned to your business and you have enabled products for 1 of them, products will be enabled for the entire business across all devices

How to configure Products on your Khumo:

1. Enable Products on your Khumo. Go to 'Tools' → ‘Manage’ → ‘Products’.

2. Use the Yoco POS App or Portal to set up, configure, and manage your products. Find out more here.

Using Products on your Khumo:

Every time you create a ‘New sale’, you can also choose whether you want to pick products from your catalogue, or enter a custom amount to the bill.

new sale 1.png

To add a custom amount, tap on the round, black terminal icon in the bottom left corner of the ‘New sale’ screen. You’ll then be able to tailor your sale using the keypad.

custom 1.png
Custom 2.png

You can add any of the products on your list to your customer’s basket.

Product 1.png

Plus, you can use both items from your product list and custom amounts on the same bill. Whatever works best for you, Khumo’s got it covered.

Order 1.png


To give a lucky customer a discount on their entire basket, tap on the ‘Discount’ option at the bottom of the ‘Order’ screen. You’ll either enter a custom percentage, use a predefined discount percentage, or enter a custom discount amount.

Order 1.png
discount 1.png
Order 2.png

You can also discount individual items on the bill, by selecting the three vertical dots to the right of the item, and tapping ‘Add discount’. You’ll then have the same selection of discount options to apply to just that item, without affecting the rest of the basket.

order 3.png


Discount 2.png


If I have stock tracking activated on the Yoco POS App, will it still track stock when I make sales on my Khumo device?

Yes, you can add, edit and update stock on the Yoco POS App as per usual, and your Khumo sales will automatically be included in keeping those numbers updated, live.

How do I turn off the product view if I don’t want to use it anymore?

Simply go to Tools → Manage → ‘Products’, and then click ’Remove’. It won’t delete any of your products from your Yoco POS App, it’ll only deactivate Products on all your Khumo devices.

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