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Yoco Neo Plus: FAQs
Updated over a week ago

What’s included in the Neo Plus bundle?

A 4G Neo card machine, a Neo Printer that can also be used for all-day charging, a 1m USB-C cable, and 3 x 40mm thermal paper rolls (for printing your receipts).

If I already have the Neo card machine, can I purchase the printer and charging dock separately?

Yes, you can buy the Neo Printer and charging station separately, at the Yoco online store for R999.

Check it out at the Yoco Store here.

Does the card machine come with a SIM card?

Yes, the Neo Plus comes with a 4G SIM card loaded with unlimited data, but we recommend pairing it to a POS system via Bluetooth, for the best payments experience.

Which payment methods can my customers use on the Neo Plus?

Yoco card machines accept all major cards via Tap, Chip, Swipe, PIN, and Apple Pay.

Which other software does Neo Plus integrate with?

The Neo Plus is specially developed to integrate with Lightspeed X-Series, Lightspeed K-Series, Loyverse, and SalonBridge. Before setting up your integration, make sure you’ve updated both your Neo Plus and your POS software to the latest version.

How do I (Bluetooth) pair my Neo Plus with my POS system?

First, make sure you’ve downloaded the Yoco App from the Google Play Store, iStore or Huawei App Gallery. Sign in, or sign up and create your Yoco business profile on the Yoco POS App (find out more here).

Now you’re ready to start pairing your Yoco Neo Plus:

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on.

  2. In the Yoco App, click on ‘More’, then ‘Settings’, and finally on ‘Card Machine’.

  3. Select the Yoco Neo Plus image, and follow the on-screen prompts.

How do I integrate my Neo Plus with my POS system?

Make sure you’ve first paired your POS with your Neo Plus via Bluetooth.

Next, open your Yoco-compatible POS/Software: Yoco POS, Lightspeed X-Series, Lightspeed K- Series, Loyverse, and Salonbridge. Process a test transaction for at least R15 on your POS, and select card payments through Yoco to pay. All information from your sales will automatically be integrated and shared with your POS/Software.

How many paper rolls will I get with my Neo Plus Printer?

You’ll get 3 paper rolls in the box. Neo Plus uses a 40mm thermal paper roll, which is a standard size, easily found in many stationery shops or online stores.

What if I run out of paper midway through a sale?

Don’t worry! That won’t happen. You’ll get a paper warning on your Yoco Neo Plus before the receipt starts printing, and have the chance to replace your paper roll, before printing. You can also always reprint any of your receipts from your transaction history, right on the Neo.

Do I need to manually install updates on my Neo Plus?

Updates will install automatically, but you can also check for updates manually. To install an update manually, go to ‘Menu’ >> ‘Check for Updates’, and your Neo will check for and install the latest update, if available.

How do refunds work on the Neo Plus?

You can process refunds on the Yoco Neo Plus for eligible transactions processed in the last 48 hours. To process a refund, go to ‘Menu’ >> ‘Sales History’, select the transaction you want to refund, and tap on the ‘Refund’ button.

Can I accept Tip payments on my Neo Plus?

You can accept tip payments from your customers by enabling the tips feature on your POS system or on your Neo Plus. To activate tips on the Neo Plus, go to ‘Menu’ >> ‘Payment Settings’ >> ‘Tips On’.

Will I be able to recon my sales receipts at the end of the day?

All transactions for the day are captured in your Sales History on the Neo Plus machine, and in the Yoco POS App (and Business Portal). You can also print out receipts after each transaction, if you prefer a paper copy for recon.

Does the Neo Plus battery come fully charged?

Yep, it’s already charged when you get it.

How long does the battery last?

Your Neo Plus should be able to do a full day of transacting without being plugged in. But, when it’s connected to the charging dock in a countertop setup, it’ll look sleek and beautiful while also keeping your Neo fully charged — so you’ll never have to give battery life another thought.

Does the Neo Plus charging dock have a battery backup, and how long does that last?

Yes, the Neo Plus comes complete with a charging dock, and you can leave your device plugged in on your countertop for all-day transacting. Even when the power goes off, the printer has a battery backup that lasts all day.

How long is the charging cable?

The charging cable is 1.5m long, so you have the freedom to position your docking station however suits your countertop setup best.

Where can I get Yoco accessories, like tablet stands?

The Yoco online store offers a wide variety of accessories for your card machines, such as charging POS stands and pouches; and also hardware options for your business, like iPad and Tablet stands, cash drawers, and Bluetooth receipt printers.

Find out more and buy your own Yoco Neo Plus here.

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