Neo Touch: Activate Payouts
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Make sure you're verified for payouts

If you haven't already done so, make sure you complete and verify your profile details, so you're ready to receive your payouts. You can do this straight from the Yoco POS App.

Note: if you're not the only owner of the business, you must be a director, partner, or member of the business you're signing up for.

If for whatever reason, your profile has not been verified for payouts, we’ll let you know with a message on your Neo Touch home screen. It’ll notify you of your profile status or issue, and guide you to resolving things on the Yoco POS App. Remember, we can’t pay out your sales into your bank account until you’ve completed your profile verification.

How Yoco payouts work

Your Yoco balance

Your Yoco balance includes all the Yoco card payments you've made (minus any refunds, reversals, and Yoco transaction fees applicable) since the previous day at midnight - the last time a payout was processed for your profile.

Note: It may take a few days for a reversal to be reflected in your balance.

👀 You can see your live balance on the Yoco POS App home screen, or the Business Portal Dashboard here. Log in with the same details you used to sign up. Here, you can also view all your previous payouts in detail.

How fees and payouts work

Our new Visa/Mastercard transaction fees range from 2.5% to 2.7% (ex. VAT) and American Express card fees between 3% and 3.4% (ex. VAT), depending on your monthly sales and fees package. This includes free settlement, every business day.

The more you transact, the less you pay. Get more details about how Yoco fees work here.

🔥 If your business processes over R200 000 per month in card payments, you can request custom transaction fees here, and we'll be in touch.

By law, we must charge VAT. If you're registered for VAT, you can claim it back from SARS.

Payout timing

Yoco totals your sales at midnight every day and actions your payout the next day. Sales after midnight will be part of the next day's sales/payouts total.

After that, it can take 1-2 working days to show in your bank account, depending on your bank. Public holidays and Sundays cause a one day delay because the banks are closed.

Track your payouts on the Yoco POS

From the Yoco POS home screen, tap on "View payouts".

From here, you can see your next payout balance, and view all your payouts by date.

We'll also email you a monthly statement with all your payouts, fees, and transactions recorded for your reports and reference.

You can view and download all your monthly invoices and payout reports from the Portal here .

Next, learn about how to make sales and take payments here.

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