Extra FICA Questionnaire Guide
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We’re required to collect extra details during the FICA review process, from these types of businesses:

  1. If your business is online, and you sell on social media or over messaging platforms (like WhatsApp) - you’re probably using Yoco Link / Invoices.

  2. If your business is online, and you sell from an online store on your website - you’re probably using Yoco Gateway.

  3. If your business is a Non-Profit Organisation.

  4. If you and/or your business partners/associates is/are politically exposed person(s). In financial regulation, a politically exposed person (PEP) is someone with a prominent public function.

Here’s what you’ll need...

Online business selling via text, social media or other chat platforms

  1. All links to your website and/or social media pages.

  2. Make sure that you have these (required by regulation) on your website:

    • Return, refund and cancellation policies.

    • Your website must display your customer service contact information, including email address or phone number.

    • Your delivery/shipping details.

Online business selling from a website

  1. All links to your website and/or social media pages.

  2. We’ll also ask you to take screenshots or attach links, for verification of each of the below points.

Make sure that your website displays these (required by regulation):

  • The Visa/Mastercard brand mark in full colour.

  • Your customer service contact information, including email address or phone number.

  • Your full delivery, refund, return and cancellation policies.

  • Your security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details.

  • The terms and conditions of a promotion, if restricted.

  • A consumer data privacy policy.

  • Export restrictions, if applicable.

Make sure your online store and/or checkout process contains these (required by regulation):

  • A complete description of the goods or services you offer - e.g. if selling electrical goods, you must state voltage requirements, which vary around the world.

  • State whether payment is required in advance (before delivery).

  • How long the offer(s) or price(s) remain(s) valid.

  • Prices listed must be including all taxes.

  • Customer must confirm terms and conditions when placing an order on the site, by ticking a box on the order screen.

  • Transaction currency or currencies are clearly stated, including the country name when the name of the unit of currency is not unique. Yoco payments can only be processed in South African Rands.

  • Your business trading address, including the country where you operate from, are clearly shown before payment takes place.

Some website policy guidelines

Refund, returns and cancellation policy basics: In South Africa, anything bought online must be returnable (in its original condition) in exchange for a full refund, for at least 5 days after delivery took place. Refund policies should include for how long customers are entitled to a refund, and which items are included/excluded from the policy. Cancellation policies should outline how customers can cancel their order, and how they’ll be reimbursed.

Find out more about writing your own refunds, returns & cancellation policies here.

Delivery/Shipping details basics: Describes how and in what timeframe the orders will be shipped and delivered to your customers.

Find out more about writing your own here.

Where can I get the proper Visa/Mastercard brand mark in full colour?

Get the Mastercard brand artwork here.

Get the Visa brand artwork here.

Security capabilities and policy for transmission of card payment details basic:

What measures are in place to protect your website from cyber attacks? What does this policy document need to include? Find out more here.

Promotion terms and conditions basics:

If you’re running a special, you’ll need to stipulate the rules and timing. Find out how here.

Consumer data privacy policy basics: A legal requirement under POPIA, this must state how you process and store users’ personal data - here’s what it needs to contain.

Politically Exposed Persons

We’ll be asking for further details about your products, customers and operations, but there are no extra documents required in this process.

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